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Payment Methods and Refund Conditions

Payment Methods and Refund Conditions

Our dormitory fees are set in TL for all students. 

International students wishing to make their payments in USD may deposit the corresponding amount, which is calculated based on the indicative buying exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of Türkiye a business day before, in the following account number by stating their “Student and Passport Number”.


Account Name: Özyeğin University

USD IBAN No:TR090010300000000003550268

Excluding payments in USD, payments cannot be made to the University via direct money order or EFT.


Upfront Payment Options for Payments in TL

Upfront payment options are applicable to payments in TL.

Upfront Payment via Debit or Credit Card

Upfront payments can be made online by debit or credit cards via the Web Pos system on our university website, using the Student ID Number, by the due date for payments. Please click here for payment.

Upfront Payment at Bank Branches

Housing fees can be paid at FIBABANK branches before the due date. Payers must indicate that the payment is for the housing fees of the Özyeğin University dormitories, and must provide the student’s full name and student number. The due amount displayed in the bank’s system will be collected by the bank officer. 

Upfront Payment via Fibabank Online Banking

Fibabank customers may log in to Fibabank Online Banking to see their amounts due or make their upfront payments. To see your amounts due or make your upfront payments directly from your account, please click the “Payments” and “University Payments” tabs, respectively, and then enter your student number. Please click here for more.

Installment Plans

Housing fees can be paid in installments via credit card.   The installment plans apply to payments in TL only.  The installment option is not available for payments made in USD.  

Installment plans are available for the consumer credit cards of the partner banks only. The installment plans are interest free.  Payments are made online by debit or credit cards issued by the partner banks via the Web Pos system on our University website.  You may check our current installment plans here in the “Credit Cards of the Partner Banks” table. Please click here for payment.  

Refund Conditions

As per the Dormitory Directives, students who move out of the dormitories on or after September 15 will be charged for all housing fees for the months they have stayed in the dormitory, including the current month, plus up to 50% of the remaining months' housing fees. If these students document that they have registered for a dormitory managed by the Ministry, a maximum of 40% of the remaining months’ housing fees is charged. These students’ service agreements are annulled, and they are refunded within one month for the security deposit they paid. Students are also refunded within one month for any lump sum payment they have made for the housing fees, after the deductions calculated as per this clause are offset.

To request a refund, students must fill out the Refund Form. This form can be filled out in person at the Dormitory Offices. Alternatively, students may request the form to be sent electronically by sending an email to yurt@ozyegin.edu.tr, fill it out online, print it, sign it with their physical signature, and return it via email. 

Note:Our University reserves the right to make revisions to the information above when necessary without prior notice.