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Jun 04, 2019 - Jun 11, 2019

Thesis Defense - Olkan Kurt (MSIE)


Olkan Kurt- M.Sc. Industrial Engineering

Asst.Prof. İhsan Yanıkoğlu - Advisor




Date: 11.06.2019

Time: 09:00

Location: AB2 G02



Thesis Committee: 

Asst. Prof. İhsan Yanıkoğlu,  Özyeğin University

Asst. Prof. Mehmet Önal,  Özyeğin University

Asst. Prof. İsmail Başoğlu,  Maltepe University



The aim of this study is to increase the luminance performance of direct light emitting diodes (DLED) televisions through case design improvement. We first gather luminance measurements of several regions of active area displays for different DLED models, along with mechanical parameters such as distance to the active area from a point of cross-section view, lens orientation and a specifically calculated ratio parameter related to the layout. For each area, feature selection and multiple linear regression model selection steps are executed to decide on the most suitable model describing the relationship between parameters and the quantity of interest, luminance of the area under investigation. We then embed the regression equations into optimization models, that aim to find the design maximizing the attained luminance level subject to several design specific constraints. Finally, the luminance performance of the design found by the optimization model is compared to that of the previous designs used by the company. The results indicate that design found using the methodology described in this paper is superior to previously used designs, in terms of luminance performance


Mr. Olkan Kurt completed bachelor’s degree of mechanical engineering in Middle East Technical University. He started his first job in Vestel Electronics Corp. as a mechanical design engineer. During three years of time period, he promoted to Sr. Mechanical Design Specialist. In addition, he started to study master degree in industrial engineering at Ozyegin University. Advisors of the graduate project are assistant professor Ihsan Yanikoglu and Assistant Professor Erinc Albey. Currently, he works as a Sr. Mechanical Engineer in Innolux Europe BV. in the Netherlands.