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Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Özyeğin University is committed to meeting the information security requirements arising from or as a result of national, international, or sectoral arrangements which the University is bound by, the fulfilment of legislative and standard requirements, the satisfaction of contractual obligations, or corporate responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders. Hence forth, the University hereby acknowledges, agrees, and guarantees to:

  • Provide safe access to information assets of staff, students, suppliers, and other stakeholders,
  • Maintain the integrity, confidentiality, authorized accessibility, and sustainability of information,
  • Evaluate and manage potential risks against its own information assets,
  • Provide fast and uninterrupted access to the best of its capabilities in order to ensure compliance with all legislations and agreements pertaining to information security,
  • Make sure all resources are allocated, installed, managed, and continuously improved by our information security management system as per the requirements of the TS ISO/IEC 27001 BGYS standard,
  • Protect the University’s reliability and reputation,
  • Implement, oversee, and, impose the necessary sanctions for any violations of the information security policy,
  • Minimize threats against information security, and ensure business continuity and sustainability,
  • Maintain and improve the information security level via the control infrastructure,
  • Be audited through internal audits and independent third party institutions to validate compliance of the University’s information security procedures with the laws and standards,
  • Provide training to raise awareness of information security and build competencies.