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OzU Writing Center

OzU Writing Center

Mission Statement

The Özyeğin University Writing Center is an extension of the School of Languages (ScOLa). Our primary objective at the Center is to support our students in all aspects of their academic writing. Through one-to-one tutoring sessions and online support, we guide students through the various stages of the writing process and provide them with informative feedback on their assignments. It is our goal to foster critical awareness in our students by analyzing their written discourse, formulating a strong argument and presenting it in a manner that is convincing to the reader. Self-editing and revising skills are of paramount importance for any good writer; therefore, our sessions will include strategies that students can use to strengthen these skills.

Operating Procedures

  • We provide feedback on written assignments to all undergraduate students at Özyeğin University, with the exception of those who study the undergraduate English courses (e.g. ENG 101, 102) since teacher-student tutorials already exist in these courses.
  • Our focus is on English for academic writing. We are not specialists in content courses or substantial material covered in different academic programs at Özyeğin and therefore do not provide consulting on genre writing specific to individual courses.
  • Our services are provided both face-to-face and in person. A face-to-face consultation session generally lasts 30 minutes. During this time, the tutor works one-on-one with the student to deliberate on the written assignment. An appointment is necessary to arrange a meeting date and time.
  • For a session in person, students are required to email the respective tutor to make an appointment for the date and time when s/he would like to meet the tutor (please refer to our Operating Hours below).
  • For online feedback, a tutor will provide respond with his/her feedback within 48 hours of the date a student’s paper is received in the weekly folder.
  • Feedback will be given on the student’s assignment, its overall clarity and coherence, and the organizational pattern and cohesive devices used; language appropriacy; grammar, and citations used.
  • Tutors will not edit or assist the student in the writing of his/her paper, proofread or edit the paper, offer suggestions for the content of the assignment, or translate sentences or a resource a student wishes to use.