Research Laboratories


Here are some of the research labs at Özyeğin University where cutting-edge research is conducted.

Advanced Materials, Thin Films and CMP Laboratory
Faculty: Prof. Bahar Başım Doğan

Al@OZU - Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Faculty: Associate Prof. Erhan Öztop and Assistant Prof. Reyhan Aydoğan

Investigates how sensorimotor information is and/or should be processed to generate intelligent behavior on biological and artificial systems from a computational viewpoint with strong emphasis on  embodiment, development and learning. Human-robot synergistic adaptation and learning is also studied for synthesizing autonomous and semi-autonomous dexterous behaviors on robots.

CCRG - Cloud Computing Research Group
Faculty: Assistant Prof. İsmail Arı
CT&T - Communication Theory and Technologies Research Group
Faculty: Prof. Murat Uysal

CT&T Research Group conducts fundamental and applied research on the physical layer aspects of communication systems. 

LFR - Laboratory for Fundamental Research
Faculty: Associate Prof. Güray Erkol

LFR@OzU is committed to developing world-class research activities and producing fundamental knowledge in basic sciences. The research interests of the laboratory includes, but not limited to, elementary particle, hadron and nuclear physics, computational physics, non-linear dynamical systems and chaos, network and complexity studies, science and technology policies. 

nEMESysLab - an Embedded & Microelectronic Systems Laboratory
Faculty: Associate Prof. Fatih Uğurdağ

OzU MEMS - Microelectromechanical Systems Laboratory
Faculty: Associate Prof. Göksenin Yaralıoğlu

Researches on microelectromechanical systems and this research is being particularly focused on new sensor technology are given more space to the Bio-based sensors.

Faculty: Associate Prof. Erhan Öztop, Assistant  Prof. Özkan Bebek and Assistant  Prof. Barkan Uğurlu
OzU Robotics Laboratory is home to cutting-edge faculty research in robotics, ambitious engineering student designs for national and international robot competitions, and engaged learning for all students who like robots. 
SRL Ozyegin University Software Research Laboratory
Faculty : Assistant Prof. Barış Aktemur and Assistant Prof. Hasan Sözer

Aims at developing novel methods, techniques and tools to develop, analyze and improve software systems considering 
various quality attributes like performance, reliability, safety and maintainability.

SPL - Speech Processing Lab 
Faculty: Assistant Prof. Cenk Demiroğlu

Research activities at the speech processing lab are focused on speech synthesis, speech recognition, speaker verification,
neurological disease detection from speech, and spoken language understanding. Fields of study in  the lab are subfields
of statistical machine learning, big data, deep neural networks, digital speech processing, and natural language processing. 
Lab members bring theory and advanced programming techniques together in their projects.

WISERLab - Wireless Information Systems Engineering Research Laboratory
Faculty: Associate Prof. Oğuz Sunay and Assistant Prof. Ali Özer Ercan


Cognitive Science Laboratory
Faculty: Alper Açık - Instructor

1-OzU Complex Computing Laboratory : Reasoning, problem solving and research are carried out in scientific subjects.
2-Perception and Action Work : Perception, attention and movement processes are studied under natural conditions

Developmental Psychology Laboratory
Faculty: Assistant Professor Deniz Tahiroğlu

Social and cognitive development of children in pre-school being examined. Actively continuing our work and play
behaviours in children aged 3-5 years game effects on children's social and cognitive development are examined.

OzUGRN - Gender Research Network at Özyeğin University
Faculty : Assistant Prof. Çimen Günay Erkol

This lab is intended to serve as a forum for its members to research and discuss issues in relation with the broad themes
of gender relations, power, culture and institutions. Our research covers a variety of media and has a wide chronological 

OzU Testing Lab
Faculty: Assistant Prof. Sinem Atakan and Assistant Prof. Begüm Güney

Researchers experiment labia, economics, marketing and in areas such as psychology, they do try to examine human
behaviour. These experiments researcers use pen and paper , get help of computers or form focus groups. Lab experiment
consists of two parts. In the first section , the total capacity of 29 people  is located in each computer and a personality
chambers can take in the privacy of the decisions of the participants. Other sections in order to create the ideal environment
to study the dynamics of interpersonal communication is reserved exclusively for small groups or focus group studies.
To participate in the experiment, can be visited  address .

RRL Lab -  Relationship Research Lab
Faculty : Associate Prof. Nilüfer Kafescioğlu, Assistant Prof. Gizem Arıkan and Associate Prof. Asiye Kumru

The goal of our lab is to understand and explore close relationships. Studies how close relationships such as couple 
and family relationships affect children’s and adult’s emotions, behaviors and thinking. 

Social and Organizational Psychology Laboratory
Faculty: Assistant Professor Emrah Aktunç and Assistant Professor Justin Marcus

In studies carried out in the Laboratory of Social and Organizational Psychology focuses on the social and organizational
context to examine the behaviour occurred. In this context, experimental or survey- type studies are carried out and the
attitude of the organization or group contexts, aims to develop data related to cognition and behaviour.