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Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Özyeğin University's Human Resources policies have been constituted so as to provide the necessary support to realize the mission of our university. Our Human Resources policies include the following:

Becoming a university that is appealing for both national and international staff by attracting qualified human resources to our university and ensuring their loyalty in line with the objective and strategies of our university,

Encouraging all the employees of our university to experience the institutional culture reflecting an innovative, liberal, flexible and multidimensional perspective of our university,

Assisting our managerial staff to motivate their teams with their broad, multidimensional visions as well as flexible and innovative management approaches in order to realize our targets and strategies,

Creating an effective, efficient and motivated organization by ensuring the satisfaction of employees through proactive human resources applications,

Reflecting our university's multidimensional vision on all our human resources applications as an egalitarian approach free from any discrimination based on gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, political identity, maritial status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Özyeğin University does not tolerate any type of prohibited discrimination  in the administration of its educational and employment policies, its scholarship conferment, or any university-sponsored programs or activities,

Becoming a university that stimulates employee's personal development through its high educational quality and is distinguished from the others in the sector we are placed in, in terms of service and employee quality, employee satisfaction and loyalty.