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Esra Gençtürk
Prof. Dr. Esra GENÇTÜRK

Prof. Dr. Gençtürk received her BS in Management from the University of Southern California (1981). She earned her MBA (1983) and PhD (1990) in Marketing from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Gençtürk was on the Marketing and International Business Faculty of University of Texas at Austin (1989-1996) and was a full-time faculty member at Koç University, in the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics (1996-2009). 

Prof. Dr. Gençtürk was the recipient of the University of Minnesota annual doctoral dissertation fellowship for 1986-1987, and was a fellow at the 1986 American Marketing Association Doctoral Consortium. She was also the co-recipient of the 1987 Robert Lieberman Memorial Award for teaching excellence at the University of Minnesota. At the University of Texas, Dr. Gençtürk was a finalist in the 1990 Business Council Texas Excellence Teaching Award, and was nominated for several teaching awards including the Friar Centennial Teaching Fellowship (Spring 1991, Spring 1990), College of Business Administration Foundation Teaching Award (Spring 1992, Spring 1991) as well as the Hank and Mary Harkins Foundation Award for Effective Teaching in Large Classes (Spring 1990, Spring 1993).

Prof. Dr. Gençtürk’s research interests include management of intra and inter-organizational marketing exchanges, as well as information and knowledge flows; foreign market entry and penetration strategies, global marketing strategy formulation and implementation; research design, and measurement considerations. Her research has appeared in journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, the Journal of International Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Management Studies.

Prof. Dr. Gençtürk served as the Vice President of Communications for the American Marketing Association Global Special Interest group for two consecutive terms between 2005 and 2010, and was elected as its Chair as of 2011.