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Mar 27, 2018

Our Mechanical Engineering Faculty and Students Claim First and Third Prize in 7th Automotive Component Design Challenge

Our University received two awards, first prize and third prize, in both the “Professional” and the “Student” category during the 7th Automotive Component Design Challenge organized by the Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy. Coodinated by the Turkish Exporters Assembly, the 7th Automotive Component Design Challenge aims to facilitate the development of component-based innovative products and promote the organization of design events in the automotive industry.

In the Professional category, the OzU team made up of our master’s and PhD students led by our Mechanical Engineering faculty members won the first prize in recognition of their project “Scalable Urea Injection System Designed in an Integrated Manner”.  The proposed system offers a high-tech product which can be used in the engines of lorries, trailer trucks, buses, trains, ships and generators to clean the toxic Nox gases included in the vehicle exhaust gas, especially from heavy-duty vehicles. The project was coordinated by Assist. Prof. -Ing. Ozgur Ertunç, and managed by Dr. Özkan Bebek under the mentorship of Associate Prof. Güney Güven Yapıcı. The OzU team included our master’s and PhD students Ozan Ekin Nural, Alireza Razeghi, Deniz İmamoğlu, Gürel Özeşme, Mehmet Polat Küntüz, Ayhan Yağcı, Sarmad Qureshi and Onur Bilgin. Mr. Tahsin Hacıbekir and Dr. İsmail Hakkı Savcı from Ford-Otosan also supported the project.

Designs were evaluated based on originality and innovation as well as their benefits to end-users and producers, value added, and applicability. In the same competition, our senior Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering students Ms. Ece Yenilmez and Mr. Ali Yaşar also received the third prize in the “Student” category in recognition of their project “Design and Optimization of Anti-Roll Bar” which they conducted under the mentorship of Dr. Polat Şendur.