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Apr 08, 2019

TOUR: Borusan Contemporary / The Haunted Mansion

Dear Friends,

This Saturday, we are going to visit The Haunted Mansion, hosts Borusan Contemporary which one of the most important contemporary art center of Istanbul.

Date: Saturday, 13 April
Time: 11.00 (Departure from Campus Shuttle Area)
The participation fee is 15 TL. (Transportation, entrance fee and guide are included)

Current Exhibitions:

  • They are uttered and unfinished, all the loves in the world
  • Bosphorus by Boomoon
  • Overture: Selections from The Borusan Contemporary Art Collection

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Contact: student.life@ozu.edu.tr

Borusan Contemporary: Borusan Contemporary is a multi-platform program of exhibitions, events, educational activities, new commissions, and site-specific installations, all rooted in the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection. These activities are defined by their specific focus on media arts broadly defined, i.e. artists who work with time, light, technology, video, software and beyond. Through exhibitions, educational programs, events, and artist commissions, Borusan Contemporary is a prominent art patron. Most of the program takes place at the Haunted Mansion in Istanbul, and co-exists with the offices of Borusan Holding, creating a unique museum within an office paradigm.

The Haunted Mansion: The "Haunted Mansion", or Perili Köşk, is the building that serves as the headquarters for Borusan Holding as well as its museum of contemporary art. It has a long and important history. Construction of the Yusuf Ziya Pasha mansion, which is among the leading examples of Istanbul's rich architectural heritage and one of the most significant historical buildings in the charming Rumelihisarı neighborhood along the Bosphorus, began in 1910s. Yusuf Ziya Pasha worked on the project with the khedive (Turkish viceroy to Egypt) Abbas Hilmi Pasha as a consultant. However, when World War I broke out in 1914 and the Ottoman Empire joined the conflict, all construction workers were forced to quit their jobs and enlist in the army. Consequently, construction on the building came to a standstill. Because the construction of Perili Köşk was largely unfinished, the second and third floors remained empty. Hence, the local community began referring to the property as the "Haunted Mansion.”