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Ozyegin University Aviation Management Mandatory (Credit) Internship Program

Students must complete a mandatory internship for 30 consecutive business days at an aviation organization in order to qualify for graduation from the Aviation Management Program at Özyeğin University. The purpose of our University’s mandatory (credit) internship program is to enable students to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills they acquired in class as part of their academic education to actual business processes, and help them shape their academic and professional career path based on their internship experience.

The mandatory internships’ learning objectives and expected learning outcomes are as follows:

· Have students acquire professional practice and application skills as well as professional and scientific research skills,

· Let students be a part of a team,

· Give students the opportunity to understand what is expected from a full-time employee.

The mandatory internship procedures of Aviation Management students at Özyeğin University are executed by the Faculty Internship Commission. The commission supports students in all internship-related processes. As per Law No:5510 on Social Security and Universal Health Insurance Plan, the University is in charge of fulfilling all Social Security obligations for students who qualify to complete their internships, and providing employers with the necessary Social Security documents. In order to be eligible to complete their mandatory internships, students must have completed 150 ECTS credits and passed their SEC 201 and SEC 202 classes. Students may complete their mandatory internships in the first summer session in which they meet the eligibility requirements. Under normal circumstances, this corresponds to the summer period after completing third grade. The mandatory internship is 4 ECTS credits.


Mandatory Internship Procedure

Obligations to Fulfill Before the Mandatory Internship Program:

  1. The student completes 150 ECTS credits in total, including the courses s/he took in the semester in which the internship application was submitted.
  2. The student completes the SEC 201 and SEC 202 classes.
  3. The Faculty Internship Commission contacts eligible students to inform them about the internship process.
  4. The student is responsible for finding his/her own internship employer. Meanwhile, the Internship Commission also contacts organizations to request an internship quota. The quota is distributed to students who are unable to find an employer based on their grade point averages.
  5. Once the internship employer is finalized, the student must collect the “Mandatory Internship Information Form”, which is filled out by the employer, and the required Social Security registration documents, and submit them to their Faculty Secretary’s Office at the latest by 15 days before the start date of internship.
  6. The Faculty Secretary’s Office makes copies of the documents and submits them to Human Resources.
  7. Human Resources completes the student’s Social Security registration and covers the Social Security premiums up to 30 business days. Human Resources then sends the statement of employment to the Faculty Secretary’s office.
  8. The Faculty Secretary’s Office will send the Social Security employment statement to the student together with the DHMI Apron Exemption Letter and Employer Letter.

Obligations to Fulfill During the Mandatory Internship Program:

  1. During the internship, the student fulfils the internship report requirements stipulated in the respective Faculty’s decision.
  2. Over the course of internship, the student is expected to fill out the internship log provided to them under the supervision of their unit heads. In particular, students will fill out the sections pertaining their fields of internship, specify the learning outcomes, and provide the internship dates. The students will also have their unit heads and internship supervisors at their employers sign the designated fields on the internship log. 

Obligations to Fulfill After the Mandatory Internship Program:

  1. Human Resources will conclude the Social Security termination proceedings once the student’s mandatory internship is over.
  2. The student will submit his/her internship log, with all sections duly filled out, bearing the stamp and signature of the employer, to the members of the Internship Commission at the end of the internship.
  3. The student will prepare a presentation about his/her internship and deliver it on the date determined by the Internship Commission. The presentation is delivered before the Internship Commission, Faculty Dean, Vice Dean, and other faculty members.
  4. The student’s internship performance is evaluated by the Internship Commission by taking into account his/her internship log and internship presentation.  The Internship Commission grades internships as “Successful” or “Unsuccessful”. The Faculty Secretary’s Office electronically sends the internship grades assigned by the Internship Commission to Student Services, which then enters the grades of students into the SIS.
  5. The Faculty Secretary’s Office also prepares the list of students who completed their internships by academic semesters, and sends the list electronically to the Professional Development and Student Services units. The list also includes information about the company where the internship is completed (“internship employer”), internship dates, total number of days, total credits, and the Internship Commission that approved the internship.
  6. Based on the list received from the Faculty Secretary’s Office, Student Services will enter the students’ internship records and grades into the SIS. Student Services will then print the “Grade Approval Form”, which includes the internship records and grades entered into the SIS, and submit it for the approval of the respective Faculty Dean.
  7. Upon the approval of the Faculty Dean, the Faculty Secretary’s Office returns the student’s all internship records and the grade forms approved by the Faculty Dean to Student Services to have them archived and included in the student’s academic file.