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17.07.2020 - 20.07.2020

Yandex Hackathon - Exclusive to ÖzU

Özyeğin Üniversitesi
Orman Sk
Nişantepe Mahallesi, Çekmeköy, İstanbul 34794

We invite Özyeğin University students and alumni to join trailblazers and innovators from Yandex, a technology company that builds intelligent products and services, for a hackathon aimed to transform the digital experience of music and take it to another level. This hackathon is a perfect chance to experiment and create real-life solutions for the future of music over the course of just a few days.

The Music Hackathon will take place online on July 17-20 based on the digital facilities of the Ozyegin University and will involve mentorship from Yandex, a leading technology company and provider of music streaming solutions, among many other innovative products and services. 

We are looking for creative software developers, designers, marketers, musicians, producers, and product visionaries who seek to validate their ideas and create digital solutions for real life that will change how we engage with music.

Innovate, learn, and share your ideas to win the top prize of 2000 EUR and a chance to take your concept to production with one of the Yandex teams.

The working language of this hackathon will be English.


Application deadline – July 10, Friday
Training and briefing – July 17, Friday
Hackathon – July 18-19, Saturday and Sunday
Presentations – July 20, Monday
Judging – July 20, Monday
Awards – July 20, Monday
The event will take place remotely.

Teams Students or graduates of Ozyegin University are invited to apply individually or as a team. Individual participants will be grouped into teams after the application deadline.

Teams should include 3 members or more, with 3-6 people with complementary skills being the most efficient number of people per team.

If you already have a team, please send an email to professional@ozu.edu.tr and list the participants.

The event is exclusively open to Özyeğin University Graduates and Students Awards

Winner: 2000 EUR per team and collaboration with Yandex media innovation team
1st Runner-up: 1000 EUR per team and an opportunity to collaborate with Yandex media innovation team
2nd Runner-up: 500 EUR per team and an opportunity to collaborate with Yandex media innovation team

Judging Criteria

  1. Solution and Pitch: Does this concept show uniqueness or does it create a new business model or market? How innovative, new, or original is the idea? What is the quality of the concept? How well the concept addresses technological, demand, and external uncertainties. The presentation should be consistent, clear, and within the 10-minute timeframe.
  2.  Demo, Design, and UX: Is there a wow-effect? Does the project include features that will interest the core audience? How does the project’s overall concept fit within the hackathon theme and is it appealing to the target market? Is it fun and challenging enough to use or play? Does it work? Each team should clearly articulate the key elements of their product, as well as jobs to be done.
  3. Business Model, Competition, and Team: Does the team have a good sense of the business model for the solution? Do they understand their core audience? Does the proposition hold a strong position against current and likely competitors? How did the team members contribute to the successful delivery of the project during the hackathon?
  4. Feasibility and Impact: What kind of an impact are you expecting to have with this solution? How feasible is it to implement this idea and release it on the Turkish market and international markets in the future? How fast can it be implemented? Does it have the potential to be impactful? Can it be a success without massive advertising investment? When do you know if this solution has made an impact?