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Assistant Professor


University of Minnesota, 2004


Bilkent Üniversitesi, 1999

Research Areas
  • Financial economics (asset pricing, market microstructure)
  • Applied economic theory


Selected journal articles

  • “Ambiguous business cycles: a quantitative assessment,” with Sumru Altug, Fabrice Collard, Cem Cakmakli, and Sujoy Mukerji (2020), Review of Economic Dynamics 38, 220-237.
  • “Investor networks in the stock market,” with Johan Walden, M. Deniz Yavuz, and Recep Bildik (2014), Review of Financial Studies 27, 1323-1366.
  • “Asset pricing in large information networks,” with Johan Walden (2011), Journal of Economic Theory 146, 2252-2280.
  • “Liquidity and asset prices in rational expectations equilibrium with ambiguous information,” with Jan Werner (2011), Economic Theory 48, 469-491.
  • “Price, trade size, and information revelation in multi-period securities markets,” with Shino Takayama (2010), Journal of Financial Markets 13, 49-76.
  • “Amplification and asymmetry in crashes and frenzies,” (2008), Annals of Finance 4, 157-181.

Book chapter

  • “The lender of last resort in a general equilibrium framework,” with Akshay Kotak and Dimitrios P. Tsomocos (2019), in Charles A.E. Goodhart and Dimitrios P. Tsomocos, eds. (2019), Financial Regulation and Stability: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis, Edward Elgar Publishing.


Advanced Microeconomics (ECON201), Corporate Finance Management (FIN709), Strategic Financial Management (FIN803)