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About Us

About Us

Purpose of the Department:

The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Coordination Office at Özyeğin University is founded to ensure that all academic programs, products or services of Özyeğin University are fully compliant with effective legislations and quality standards. To this end, the office is responsible for coordinating all scheduled and systematic processes and registering all national/international accreditation documents and processes. The office reports to the Rector’s Office. All activities pertaining to Accreditation, Quality Assurance and the Bologna process are collectively referred to as “Quality Assurance Activities in Education”. The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit reports to the Rector’s Office as a semi-cademic unit.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Approving, monitoring and regularly reviewing academic programs and learning outcomes for the Bologna and Accrediation processes

  1. Collaborates with OzU faculties, schools and graduate schools: to ensure that academic programs are designed in compliance with the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey, to develop clearly defined and transparent program and learning outcomes, to collaborate to publish and continously improve curricula based on the program evaluation criteria.
  2. Builds a system in which program learning outcomes and other program objectives are designed to accurately measure the academic performance of students, and where grading is performed based on transparent and published criteria.
  3. Organizes panels to periodically review academic programs in cooperation with third parties.
  4. Obtain regular feedback from employers, representatives of the business world, and other relevant institutions regarding OzU alumni.

Organizing the quality assurance system

  1. Organizes the quality assurance system to ensure that quality standards are met in alignment with Özyeğin University’s strategy in the following processes:Teaching and Learning Processes, Research and Development Processes, Application and Service Processes, Administrative and Support Processes in alignment with Özyeğin University’s strategy.
  2. Prepares and implements policies and procedures in order to build a quality assurance system within OzU.
  3. Coordinates necessary projects in order to monitor, measure and continously improve the areas for improvement based on key performance indicators specified in the strategic plan.
  4. Organizes informative and training sessions to raise academic and administrative staff and students’ awareness of quality assurance management and encourage them to take an active part in quality assurance processes.

Coordinating the Institutional Evaluation Process (EUA, EFQM, Higher Education Quality Board)

  1. Helps units/departments prepare their self-evalution reports.
  2. Stays in touch with external stakeholders pertaining to applications for institutional evaluation programs.
  3. Organizes institutional visits for the evaluation team. Prepares the evaluation report.

Accreditation: Evaluating academic programs (MÜDEK, AACSB, AABI, ACPHA etc.)

  1. Submits applications to national and international accreditation authorities.
  2. Collects information to have an academic program accredited. Helps the department/faculty/school and graduate school prepare the self-evaluation report.
  3. Organizes program visits and prepares the evalution schedule.
  4. Manages the necessary process to obtain accreditation certificates.