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May 12, 2023 - May 31, 2023

Özyeğin University Becomese One of the Five Universities to Receive Full Accreditation for 5 Years from the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council This Year

Özyeğin University, Turkey's new generation, entrepreneurial, and research university, has become one of the five universities out of 30 evaluated by the Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) this year to qualify for full institutional accreditation.

Since 2020, YÖKAK has been working to set standards in higher education and increase the quality of education through the Institutional Accreditation Program (KAP). Higher education institutions to be included in KAP are determined by YÖKAK, and assessment teams are formed according to the structure of these institutions. Universities applying for the evaluation are examined under the four main categories: Management and Leadership, Education, Research, and Contribution to Society. After evaluating the accreditation report prepared by the institution and following the on-site examination conducted at the higher education institution by the evaluation team, YÖKAK decides to grant full accreditation for five years or conditional accreditation for two years, or to support the institution in terms of quality assurance practices before receiving accreditation.

Among the universities evaluated by YÖKAK to date, only 18, including Özyeğin University, have received full accreditation for five years, while 53 have received conditional accreditation for two years.