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Jun 13, 2018

ScOLa ELT Conference Brings Together Foreign Language Professionals at OzU

What, How, and How Much Do We Do Right?

“We may think we are employing the right practices while adapting to the changes in foreign language instruction, but do we actually employ the right practices in the right way to obtain the results we desire?” To answer this question, our School of Languages organized the conference “How to Do the Right Things by Doing Things Right?” on May 26, 2018. The conference aimed to provoke participants to think about daily practices used in foreign language instruction.

The one-day conference brought together national and international ELT professionals to discuss the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the daily practices they employ in foreign language education. Participants shared their processes and results, in particular, in the fields of teaching and learning, curriculum development, evaluation and assessment, personal and professional development, and management.

In addition to world-renowned speakers such as Adrian Underhill, the conference featured esteemed educators from the leading universities in Turkey to exchange their ideas to further increase effectiveness and efficiency in English language teaching with due attention to the changing needs of the new generation.