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Are We Ready for the New Summer?

Are We Ready for the New Summer?

In the 2019-2020 Spring Semester Academic Year, we shared a process other than we used to. It was an extremely different process in academic, social and economic terms for each of us. Currently, there will be a long summer period ahead of us. For many of us, summer can be identified with freedom, vacation and relation. However, it looks like we will live a different summer within certain limits. Therefore, are we ready for this summer which is new to us in many ways?

You might want to implement plans you make every summer with the arrival of the summer. You may also have summer holiday programs that you have planned with your family or friends and have been waiting impatiently for months. With this new normalization process, it is very normal to be worried about how this summer will happen in all as it is very hard to predict.

Instead of making ambiguous and unrealistic plans about how your summer process will me, making plans within the framework of shorter-term reality can help you cope with this uncertainty and your anxiety. During social isolation, we created daily routines and tried to adapt them, you can try to continue to those routines in summer period as this can help you to experience a productive summer. What can you do to have a good time besides resting? Think about the actives that you’ve postponed and couldn’t perform during academic year period. Trying those activities can make you feel very good. You can also use this summer period to spend time with your loved ones by taking your precaution to the activities that are beneficial for you and the activities that you want to produce.

You might have delayed contacting with your inner world while there were assignments, projects and finals. This summer can also be an opportunity to spend time to contact your inner world. At this point, it is very precious to open a space for your emotions and see how you feel. You can start by recognizing your emotions and realizing how you feel, try to reach the tips of your emotions in your body. You can also start noticing your feelings with breathing exercises. It will be good in the summer period to included physical exercise and outdoor walks by reminding yourself the integration of body and mind.

Remember that we are all unique, you might have experienced more difficulties and intense emotions in this process from the very beginning. As Özyeğin University Psychological Counseling Unit, we will continue to provide online psychological support during the summer. You can always contact us via counseling@ozyegin.edu.tr.

The essence of the job; it is the right time to rest, to do activities that give you pleasure as long as your limits allow, and to open space for your feelings on the effects of the process you’ve had since spring semester. Have a nice holiday…