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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who may join?
All full-time or part-time faculty and full-time students at Özyeğin University may apply to the program. Exclusively for this call, applications are also invited from all Özyeğin University alumni, regardless of the year of graduation.
Teams to be formed to bring the proposed solution to life may also include people not associated with Özyeğin University, but OzU faculty members or students/graduates are responsible for managing all phases of the program as Project Managers.

2. Can I join the program individually?
You can apply to the program individually or as a team. However, the ultimate criterion for proposed solutions is that the individual/team must possess the necessary competencies to bring the proposed solution to life.
For instance, the individual/team with a software-based solution proposal must possess the necessary software development skills.
The program will also make the necessary contributions to provide competent individuals/teams with additional necessary/useful support.

3. How much funding will the program offer?
Selected projects will be awarded with the announced amounts of financial support under the call. For innovative and scalable solutions with the potential to make an impact and designed to respond to an actual need, but requiring a higher amount of financial support, the necessary support will be provided to offer access to funding through other funding mechanisms.

4. Are there any mandatory training I need to attend for this program?
Webinars to be offered for project proposals will be open to public during the application period. Project teams selected for support are expected to follow the contents and events the Center for Entrepreneurship will offer to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

5. Is there a time limit to bring the proposed solutions to life?
Project proposals which require more than 6 months of time to be brought to life will not be supported under the call. Project owners are expected to share their calendar during their project presentations.

6. Can I commercialize my proposed solution? Can I earn money with my solution?
The program is intended to support sustainable projects with the potential to make an impact. To this end, methods proposed to ensure the sustainability of the project will be meticulously evaluated. The proposed method is expected to be in compliance with effective legal regulations.

7. Is it mandatory to establish a company for a selected project?
It is mandatory to establish a company for projects to be funded. However, the decision to establish a company can be made based on the relevant solution’s potential for commercialization and access to further funding through other financial support mechanisms.

8. What is the basis of this call?
The funding is offered based on the Entrepreneurship Support Program Procedure of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Özyeğin University. The funds can be awarded in particular by Özyeğin University as well as other ecosystem stakeholders. Exclusively for the COVID-19 call, some terms and conditions in the procedure can be subject to change.

For your questions about the program, please contact us via email at girisimcilik@ozyegin.edu.tr

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