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Disabled Students Unit

Disabled Students Unit

Disabled Student Support is offered as a manifestation of our commitment to providing Equal Opportunities in Education. Disabled Student Support aims to:

  • Make life on campus easier for students with disabilities,
  • Make necessary administrative arrangements to support students with disabilities in their studies,
  • Prepare curricula in such a way so as not to cause any hindrance to the academic, physical, psychological, or social lives of students with disabilities,
  • Support students with disabilities in social and cultural arenas,
  • Take necessary actions to encourage students with disabilities to benefit from and actively take part in on-campus events for their personal development,
  • Ensure that all students are subjected to fair and accurate evaluation and assessment.
  • Student who wish to contact our Disabled Students Unit may send an email at specialneeds@ozyegin.edu.tr.


  • At the beginning of each semester, the University informs course instructors via email about students with disabilities in their classes and their particular needs to provide students with every comfort in their classes. These emails are sent with the consent of the respective students. Necessary actions are taken to select or arrange suitable classroom and examination environments to respond to the needs of students with disabilities. The University maintains the same approach during distance education as well. 
  • With the start of distance education, the University contacts students with disabilities to determine their needs and make the necessary arrangements in line with their requests. Necessary online examination adjustments for students with disabilities are discussed with the respective faculties/schools based on students’ disabilities and needs.
  • Students with disabilities who request support are offered assistance by our part-time students. The University remains in touch with both supported and supporting students to make the necessary arrangements. The University maintains the same approach during distance education as well. 

Services for People with Physical Disabilities:

  • Arrangement of building and construction sites
  • Easy access to on-campus building via disabled access ramps and elevators
  • Easy on-campus access
  • Easy access to on-campus restrooms
  • Relocation of courses and other activities into disabled access buildings from those not suitable for disabled access
  • Accessible Building Maps
  • Disabled access ramps along pavements to offer continuous access throughout the campus
  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Priority in room assignments in dormitories
  • Professional development and psychological counseling services offered by the OzU Professional Development and Psychological Development units
  • Accessible library: Our library is wheelchair accessible. The library also houses accessible restrooms on Floor -2.
  • (English Preparatory Program): Students are provided special computers and are offered extra time for support in the writing sections of exams

Services for People with Visually Impairment

  • Online accessible textbooks for students with visual impairment.
  • Classes and examinations further fine-tuned to accommodate students with disabilities and cater to their particular needs (i.e. providing verbal descriptions for visual materials, offering one-on-one examination opportunity in separate classrooms accompanied by an instructor/note-taker, offering additional exam time). 
  • Material support, when necessary (i.e. providing computers or headphones, voice recorders offered by the School of Languages to be used for classes).
  • Information technology literacy training for students who demonstrate a need.

The Library is committed to offer equal access to all members of Özyeğin University in line with its Non-Discrimination Principle. Our library services for patrons with disabilities include:

  • Patrons with visual impairment may borrow different types of accessible resources from the library, including books on CD and DVDs with subtitles.
  • Some of the library's online resources including the EbscoHost databases and Factiva also offer audio products, aside from their other accessible features.
  • Study rooms with LCD screens for group studies. These rooms are available by appointment only.
  • For your inquiries about accessible resources and hardware, you may consult the Library Information Desk, or send an email to library@ozyegin.edu.tr
  • (In the English Preparatory Program): Students with disabilities are offered large print exam papers on A3 paper, and extra time. Also, students are offered invigilator support and time flexibility in the writing section of the exams.

Services for People with Hearing Impairment

  • Subtitle support by course instructors for lecture videos
  • Special arrangements in on-campus housing facilities (dormitories)
  • Visual fire alarms
  • (in the English Preparatory Program): These include allowing students to listen to the listening material using their own hearing aids in a separate classroom in the presence of an invigilator, offering students exemption from the listening section of exams due to advanced hearing loss, and having the listening material read by an invigilator in a separate classroom for students who can read lips.
  • For students with speech impairment: Exemption from the speaking section of the English Preparatory Program exams and adjustment of exam criteria.

Services for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Difficulty

  • Having students take notes in lectures, and recording lectures
  • (in the English Preparatory Program): Extra time in exams for students who submit a medical board report to verify that they have ADHD
  • Precautions for students with dyslexia: All ScOLa course and exam materials are prepared in Calibri 11 and 12 pt for students with dyslexia.

Services for Students with Psychiatric and Psychological Problems:

  • Health Center
  • Psychological support services offered by OzU Psychological Development. Student who wish to contact our psychological counseling unit may send an email at counseling@ozyegin.edu.tr.