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Application and Registration

Application and Registration

Please click here to see how to apply for the dormitories via the SIS.

All dormitory applications are invited as annual applications*, and annual registration covers both the Fall and Spring semesters. Housing fees are charged equally in two semesters, Fall and Spring.

For students taking summer courses, a separate dormitory application period is also available for the summer session, and students are informed via email and announcements about the application procedures. Summer session housing fees, and payment terms and conditions are also separately announced by Accommodation Services Management.

*If you would like to submit a semester application to the dormitories, please read the Dormitory Directives for the terms and conditions for semester registrations due to academic reasons.

When you click on this link, you will be prompted to enter your “username” on the pop-up screen;

  • If you are a Turkish citizen, your “Username” is your “TR Identity Number”.
  • If you are an international student, your “Username” is either your “Foreign Identification Number”, if available, or your “Student Number”. If your foreign identification number has not been issued, or if you have not provided your foreign identification number to the University, your username is the combination of your student number and your year of birth. (i.e.: S00XXXX1996)

Early Bird Application System

Early Bird Application is a type of dormitory application which gives current students at Özyeğin University the right to book their rooms in advance for the following academic year.  Early bird application requirements are as follows:

In the Early Bird Application Period for Current Students, security deposits and housing fees must be paid within the announced dates. Failure to make the payments within the announced dates will result in the cancellation of the room reservation.

Students who submitted their Early Bird Applications but later decided not to stay in the dormitories must cancel their applications via the SIS before the deadline for applications. Should you cancel your room assignment between the last day for applications and September 15, you are eligible to receive a refund for the payment you made, with a deduction of one month’s housing fee.

Students who move out from the dormitories on or after September 15 will be charged for all housing fees for the months they have stayed in the dormitory, including the current month, plus up to 50% of the remaining months' housing fees. These students’ service agreements are annulled, and they are refunded within one month for the security deposit they paid. Students are also refunded within one month for any lump sum payment they have made for the housing fees, after the deductions calculated as per this clause are offset.

Should a recipient of housing scholarship submit an Early Bird Application but fail to pay the difference in housing fees within the announced dates, the room assignment is cancelled.

In such a case, these students will also forfeit the room type granted by their housing scholarship during the Early Bird Application Period. However, these students will retain their right to dormitory applications during the new registration week.  

Note: The information provided above covers general application rules. At the beginning of the Early Bird Application Period, students will receive comprehensive information about the application procedures via email at their university email address with the extension ozu.edu.tr, and/or via the MyOzU announcements screen.

Security Deposit Payments

Students must first submit their dormitory applications and rank their room preferences via the SIS. If your application is approved, you can pay your security deposit within the dates announced by the Accommodation Services Management for the respective application period. This payment can be made online by credit card/debit card via the SIS by clicking on the Financial Information >> Debit Monitoring and E-Payment  tabs, or in cash at Fibabank branches by providing your "Student Number" or "TR / Foreigner Identification Number".

The security deposit is a one-time payment. Once paid, the security deposit remains valid throughout your residence in the dormitories. If you move out of the dormitories, you will receive a refund for the security deposit you paid following a room inspection, after any costs associated with damages or missing room contents are deducted. In the event that the amount of security deposit has increased during your stay in the dormitories, you will need to pay the difference between the security deposit you previously paid and the new security deposit. The difference is paid in the subsequent dormitory application period. 

Results of Dormitory Applications

You may check the results of your dormitory applications via the Dorm Process >> Dorm Application Results tabs on the SIS.

If your dormitory application is accepted and you are assigned a room, you must prepare the required documents and submit them to the Accommodation Services Management. Documents must be submitted within the dates announced by Accommodation Services Management. Once you submit your documents, you may move into your room.

The required documents are as follows: 

  • A clean bill of health (health certificate) which verifies your fitness to stay in the dormitories (obtainable from family physicians or public and private hospitals).
  • Criminal Record Certificate (Police Clearance Certificate) (obtainable from the e-Government website)
  • A copy of student visa and passport for international students.


Note: Dormitory Management may request additional documents, if needed.

These documents must be submitted once in every academic year.

Housing Fee Payments

If you are assigned a room, you must pay the security deposit and housing fees for the room assigned to you either by credit card or at the FIBABANK branches before the due date announced by Accommodation Services Management. You may pay your housing fees at the FIBABANK branches by providing your “Student Number” and  “Foreign Identification Number” to the bank official.

For the most up-to-date information about payments, please click here


In order to be eligible to move into your room, you must:

  • Complete your enrollment or semester registration at the University,
  • Pay your security deposit and housing fees,
  • Prepare the required documents, and submit them to Accommodation Services Management at the latest during your move-in.

Once you complete your dormitory registration, you may move into your room during the move-in period announced by Accommodation Services Management. Please note that you need to duly complete and sign the “Service Agreement” before receiving your room card.

Note:Our University reserves the right to make revisions to the information above when necessary without prior notice.