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Graduate Students

We are seeking for three graduate students in the MS program. They will be working on visualization for power system control and operation. Possible topics include

  • interactive computation regarding transmission switching, 
  • transmission planning, 
  • generation investment planning. 
  • visualization tools with computer programming.

The ideal students would graduate the MS program with the thesis option within four semesters.
Financial aid is available to students with high academic standing.

Please contact Dr. Poyrazoglu should you interested in applying Graduate School of Engineering.

Undergraduate Students (EE401 Engineering Project Topics)

To complement its current undergraduate students, Dr. Poyrazoglu is planning to advise for the following topics in Spring 2018.

  1. Software development for transmission system planning
  2. Software development for generation planning
  3. User Interface development for visualization of large power grids
  4. Building a toy electric vehicle

Please contact Dr. Poyrazoglu should you interested in starting a graduation project in Spring 2018.

Visiting Scholars

Please contact Dr. Poyrazoglu should you interested in being considered.