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Outgoing Students

Outgoing Students

Özyeğin University forms ties with reputable higher education institutions in a geographically balanced manner. Aside from coordinating European study programs, the International Exchange Programs Office cooperates with institutions from all over the world that share OzU's vision of academic excellence and innovation.

About Global Exchange Program: 

The list of institutions that may be available can be found here. SEMP (Swiss Institutions) applications and placements are evaluated under global exchange programs. It is recommended for our undergraduate students to apply for exchange programs in their second year, and our graduate students to apply in their first year. It is not recommended for undergraduate and graduate OzU students to partake in an exchange program in the semester they plan to graduate. Students who have completed 30 ECTS can apply for exchange programs, however to be able to actually go, they must complete 60 ECTS before their exchange semester.

Every fall semester, the International Exchange Programs Office organizes info sessions to share the most up-to-date information regarding exchange programs, and it accepts applications within the dates that are announced. Undergraduate students must have a weighted GPA of at least 2.80/4.00, and graduate students must have a weighted GPA of at least 3.00/4.00 to qualify for exchange. Only students who meet the GPA requirement will be invited for the interview that will be conducted by the Program Coordinators and International Exchange Programs Office.

Students who are placed to partner institutions after the ranking is responsible for submitting the Language Proficiency Report by the given deadline. Students with eligible scores are nominated by the OzU International Exchange Programs Office. Students who receive an acceptance letter from the host university must apply for a visa, search for housing options, obtain health insurance, and the like.

The language proficiency documents requested by partner institutions must be provided by the student (TOEFL/IELTS).

Students are responsible for creating a study plan and getting it approved by their Program Coordinators before their exchange.

The credits earned during exchange can only be transferred after an original transcript is recevied from the partner institution. The Exchange Program Coordinators prepare a Recognition Document for the related Faculty/Institute/School decision and they send it along with the original transcript to the related faculty.

Students who will go abroad through an exchange program pay their tuition fees to Ozyegin University, meaning they are exempt from the tuition fees of the host institution. Students are responsible for living and accommodation expenses throughout their exchange period.

There is no financial aid system similar to the Erasmus exchange grants for countries located outside of the European Union.

Students who will participate in global exchange programs are responsible for reading this document.

You may review the announcement for the 2022-23 Global Exchange Program 2nd Application by clicking this link.

Required Forms/Documents for Exchange Students:

Before the Mobility:

  • OzU Online Application Form
  • Interview with the OzU Faculty and IEP Jury
  • Partner Institution Application Package
  • Course Transfer and Adaptation Table (Approved by Program Coordinator)
  • Commitment Frm
  • Language Proficiency Document

During the Mobility:

  • Approval must be received from the Program Coordinator for changes made to the study plan

After the Mobility:

  • Transcript (Original/soft copy should be sent by the partner institution.)
  • Credits succesfully obtained at the partner institution are transfered to OzU upon return. The final decision is taken by the respective OzU academic unit.