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Erasmus+ Blended Mobility

Erasmus+ Blended Mobility

Blended intensive programmes are short, intensive programmes that use innovative ways of learning, teaching and training for students and staff including the use of online cooperation. They are developed and implemented by at least three higher education institutions (HEIs) coming from at least three EU Member States and third countries associated to the Programme (called a blended intensive programme partnership).

During blended intensive programmes, groups of students or staff will undertake a short-term physical mobility abroad combined with a compulsory virtual component facilitating collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork. The duration of the physical component is between 5 and 30 days, but there is no limitation on the duration of the virtual component.

For full eligibility criteria please refer to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Within each blended intensive programme partnership there must be one coordinating HEI and receiving HEI (typically the same HEI combining the coordinating and receiving role) and minimum two partner HEIs. A coordinating HEI can be a sending or receiving organisation in a mobility activity. Blended intensive programmes can be open to students and staff from sending higher education institutions outside the partnership, but the receiving HEI must be one of the partnership organisations. The participating HEIs must hold a valid ECHE.

The following mobility activity types can be organised to take part in a blended intensive programme:

  • Student mobility for studies
  • Staff mobility for teaching
  • Staff mobility for training


For further information please check the link below:
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