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Message from the Department Head

Message from the Department Head

Assistant Prof. Orçun Temizkan
Assistant Prof. Orçun TEMİZKAN
Department Head, Management Informations Systems
Information technologies are an integral part of daily life. It is hard to imagine a world where there are no ATM machines or we cannot shop on the internet. Information Technologies also play an important role for companies to connect with their customers, improve efficiency of their internal operations, and create new products and services. For this purpose, companies need to recruit managers who understand business operations and can judge its needs, follow technological developments and understand their potential use, are analytical thinkers, results driven and creative. Our Management Information Systems undergraduate program aims to educate such professionals. All that it is required by our students is an interest in technology and the desire to use technology to improve our lives. Considering the quality of the education we provide at Özyeğin University and future developments in Information Technologies, I am sure that a successful and exciting career awaits our graduates.