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The undergraduate Management Information Systems program aims to cultivate top-notch graduates who are able to satisfy the needs of businesses for creating, storing, accessing and sharing information; who possess highly advanced skills and competences to plan, design, put in place and manage the necessary methods, processes and systems required to meet such information needs for either corporate businesses or for their own ventures; and who are capable of identifying, fulfilling and managing such needs by conducting technical, economic and strategic analyses.

Expert in Technology and Business

The undergraduate Management Information Systems program is designed as the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art program in its field in Turkey. The program takes pride in its rich curriculum prepared with the close cooperation of industrial and technological firms. It provides a solid foundation in all functions of management information systems that are employed at national and international organizations, offering specialization in the fields of global management information systems, and supporting national and international commerce operations.

Özyeğin University breaks a new ground in the field of management information systems by offering a truly international faculty with vast experience about business cultures in different geographical regions; providing opportunities for applied education across a broad range of regions; building an international business network through its high rate of international student intake for future cooperation and collaboration; creating international exchange/internship opportunities for its students to gain international experience; encouraging its students to participate in international project competitions in the field of management information systems; and supporting research projects undertaken by national and international organizations in the field of information technologies. Özyeğin University, thus, aspires to prepare the most sought after graduates both in Turkey and across the world.

Among the most preferred and rapidly growing academic programs of the word, Business Administration programs trigger the need for specialization in management information systems. Management Information Systems facilitate the integration, control, coordination, and management of functional areas such as General Administration, Information Systems Management, Financial Management, Product Management, Marketing Management and Personnel Management in line with the mission of the relevant business organization. Furthermore, as the demand for information technology products and information technology companies increases, companies that are able to meet the demand boast of greater recognition and reputation. The demand is mainly triggered by the need to access information from anywhere anytime due to global competition; rapid technological developments to ensure continuous access to information; the exponential increase in the use of technology among youth; as well as the fast adoption of technology in new markets. Therefore, graduates with a broad understanding of information technologies and systems as well as the ability to foresee the future of management information systems are considered invaluable strategic assets by companies in all industries.

Career Prospects

As the program places a strong emphasis on the leading industries in Turkey, we expect the majority of our graduates to serve in one of the financial services, retail services, logistics and transportation, health services, tourism, professional services (consultancy, research-development, communications and information technologies, education), creative industries (advertisement, design, publishing etc.) and public services (public institutions and NGOs) industries. Our graduates will also be highly encouraged by the Startup Factory founded under Özyeğin University to join new Internet-based ventures, which gain popularity in Turkey, either as employees or founding partners.

Academic Program

The main difference that sets the Faculty of Business undergraduate Management Information Systems program apart from other programs is its entrepreneurial focus. The Management Information Systems curriculum is enriched with, in particular, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering courses offered by the School of Engineering. The Management Information Systems program not only will make use of this synergy among programs, but also will support other academic programs through its rich curriculum focused on information courses.

The freshman year curriculum consists of mainly common courses with other programs.

The sophomore year curriculum covers fundamental courses designed specifically for students of the Faculty of Business.

In their junior year, students start gaining expertise in several areas through a set of elective courses. Students are encouraged to create and develop new business ideas; and courses are planned and delivered with an entrepreneurial vision. Students are provided with a broad understanding of service sectors as of their sophomore year. In their junior year, students have the opportunity to gain in-depth expertise about different sectors through a broad range of electives, as well as company and factory visits, guest speakers, and case studies.

In their senior year, students undertake an applied project and a thesis in their selected tracks that will equip them with in-depth know-how in a specific industry of their choice.

Özyeğin University undergraduate Management Information Systems program requires students to complete an 8-week internship.