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Scientific Preparation

Scientific Preparation


Mandatory Courses

PSY 100

General Psychology

PSY 103

Statistics for Psychology I

PSY 104

Statistics for Psychology II

PSY 201

Cognitive Psychology

PSY 203

Developmental Psychology I

PSY 205

Social Psychology I

PSY 207

Research Methods I

Elective Courses (At least 3 courses must be completed)

PSY 204

Developmental Psychology II

PSY 206

Social Psychology II

PSY 202

Psychology of Learning

PSY 301

Theories of Personality and Individual Differences

PSY 303

Adult Psychopathology

PSY 401

Clinical Psychology

PSY 305

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

The language of instruction is English.

Courses are offered between 8:40 a.m. and 06:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Scholarship is not offered during the scientific preparation program.

Those who completed their bachelor’s degree in a field different from psychology may first be required to complete a scientific preparation program to improve their academic readiness subject to the decision of the respective GSEB. In such a case, the list of courses the student must take are specified.

Students who are unable to complete the courses offered in the Scientific Preparation Program with at least a C Grade within its maximum period of study are expelled from the University in the following semester with the resolution of the respective GSEB.

The maximum period of study in the Scientific Preparation Program is two semesters. Summer sessions are not included in this period. The maximum period of study cannot be extended, unless it is for semester breaks/leaves of absences. Students who fail at the end of the maximum period of study are expelled. Semesters spent in the scientific preparation program do not count toward the maximum period of study of the respective master’s or PhD program.