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Applied Research Center of Technology Products

Applied Research Center of Technology Products

The center has been founded with the cooperation of Özyeğin University and Vestel Electronics Inc. in 2015. It is the first center in Turkey which combines research and project activities in consumer electronics area with a large industrial organization in a combined manner with graduate education. It aims to bring together qualified researchers at different stages of research activities on graduate programs of engineering departments. Consumer products including mobile phones, TVs, white goods, lightning and automotive products have penetrated into every aspect of daily life. They make inter-disciplinary studies necessary for research and manufacturing activities. Research and development (R&D) activities in this area covering a broad spectrum on a global scale in terms of economic, social and scientific factors will be centralized. Therefore, significantly important education activities, academic and industrial contributions for the national economy will be provided.

Research and education activities are realized for all kinds of consumer electronics products including image processing and communication technologies, lighting, software, hardware, manufacturing and industrial systems. These activities will provide contributions in R&D studies of scientific disciplines in electrical and electronics engineering, computer science, mechanical and industrial engineering.

These contributions consist of graduate thesis studies in the corresponding scientific disciplines, patents, academic publications and academic projects supported by national/international organizations. The existence of this center and the academicians working here will create an academic attraction center across the country as the intersection of industry and academy. The center forms an industrial and practical structure with support of Vestel Electronics Inc.