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Center for Computational Finance

Center for Computational Finance

Computational Finance is a cross-disciplinary field seeking solutions for financial problems using mathematical methods. Henceforth the mission of Özyeğin University’s Center for Computational Finance is to conduct academic researches to be published in international journals on the fields of mathematics, finance and computing, and to provide practical solutions for complex computational finance problems arising in the banking industry. The Center’s activities include organizing short certificate programs to educate market professionals and supporting relevant undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs. The Center is called the Center for Computational Finance (CCF).

In the past periods, the computational finance theory was sometimes overly complicated and abstract for the industry and the practical applications could sometimes be based on models with weak theoretical infrastructure. Therefore approaches combining theory and practice correctly have gained great importance. The CCF defines itself to be right at this intersection point. Applications of academic researches conducted by CCF will turn into industrial solutions and will provide the industry with the assurance of academic infrastructure. It is the common vision of the Center and Özyeğin University to establish two-way interaction by communicating the requirements of the industry in computational finance to the university and students and by communicating the solutions offered by the center from the university to the industry. Concordantly, strategic partnerships will be formed between the CCF and banks, public institutions, fund management, private pension and insurance companies.

Although there are several successful examples at prominent universities abroad, the center is a first in Turkey, and as other centers, the main goal of the Center for Computational Finance is to obtain important achievements on a national and international scale.