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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Are there any attendance requirements? 

Yes, attendance is required.

2- Do I need to hold a bachelor’s degree in a specific field in order to be eligible for application?

Applications are open to all graduates of 4-year undergraduate programs.

3- How can I apply?

You may apply online via our online application system.

4- As I have not graduated yet, I will not have the transcript of my final semester at the time of application. Would this be a problem?

You may upload your current transcript as is.  However, you must submit your graduation transcript to the Graduate School during registration.

5- As I am a senior year student, I will not have a diploma at the time of application. Would this be a problem?

If you have already graduated, you may submit a temporary graduation certificate. If you have not graduated yet, you may obtain a document from your University which shows the expected semester/date of your graduation, and upload it to the online application system.

6- How should I upload my letter of reference to the application system?

Once you enter your reference’s contact details in the letter of reference field in the online application system, the system will send a reference form to your reference’s email address. When your reference fills out the form, the letter of reference will be uploaded to the system. 

7- Can I submit my letters of reference in person?

If your references do not have Internet access or are unable to fill out the reference form via the online application system, they may mail the letters directly to the OzU Graduate School of Social Sciences or may submit them to you, enclosed in a sealed envelope, signed across the seals, to be submitted to the Graduate School:

Özyeğin University, Çekmeköy Campus

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Nişantepe District, Orman Street, No: 34 – 36, 34794

Alemdağ – Çekmeköy / İstanbul


8- Can I apply outside of the announced application period?

Applications are not accepted outside of the announced application period.

9- When will interviews be held?

The interview dates are available on the “Application Calendar and Online Application” page. Please click.

10- How can I prepare for the interview?

You do not need to do any special preparation for the interview. The interview will be in the form of a conversation to evaluate and assess the candidate’s fitness for the program. Therefore, it is paramount that you just be yourself and be aware of your own qualities.

11- Can I benefit from any scholarship opportunity?

There is a 100% scholarship opportunity based on academic success. 

12- How many semesters does the tuition waiver cover?

Further details about tuition and fees are available in the following link.

13- What is the maximum period of study for the Thesis Master’s Program?

The regular and maximum periods of study for the Thesis Master’s Program is four and six semesters, respectively, regardless of whether or not students renew their registrations each semester. Students who fail to graduate within their maximum period of study are expelled from the University by the decision of the respective Graduate School Execute Board (GSEB).

14- Do you accept applications in the Fall semester?

Applications are accepted for the 2023-2024 Fall semester.

15-Where can I find the academic calendar?

The academic calendar is accessible on the Student Services webpage.

16- Can I apply for your program twice?

There is not any limitation on the number of times you may apply for the program. The same application procedure will apply for each application.

17. What time are the classes? Where are they held?

Classes are scheduled for weekdays from 08:40 to 17:00. Courses are held on Çekmeköy Campus. 

18. Should I include the original copies of my exam score reports such as ALES in my application file?

You may submit the copies of these documents in your application file. However, you must provide the original copies at the time of enrollment.

19. How you do announce your application calendar? Does it change every year?

Applications are usually invited in April or May and are accepted for a month. The exact dates are announced on the university website.