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Nov 03, 2022 - Nov 30, 2022

A Remarkable Achievement in Entrepreneurship by Özyeğin University Graduate Efe Kethüda

Flank Esports, Türkiye’s first e-sport platform founded in 2017 by Efe Kethüda, our graduate from the Undergraduate Business Administration Department and the Master of Entrepreneurship, has been acquired by FUT Ventures. Flank has been a success story in Türkiye. In 2018, Flank received investment from ACT Ventures, Sina Afra, Fethi Kamışlı and Hakan Sabancı, and also became the first e-sport project to have received R&D support from TÜBİTAK. The start-up proved its success in the international arena when it was chosen for Cannes Lions and DLD Tel-Aviv in its first year, and made it to the Forbes 50 List and the 100 Most Successful Startup List for two consecutive years. Later on, Flank purchased 5mid.com. With this acquisition, the company strengthened its media leg and has become the first e-sport media in Türkiye. Flank also developed Fantasy Esport Game in partnership with Riot Games, and has made substantial contributions to the development of e-sport ecosystem. In 2022, Flank was acquired by FUT, the largest e-sport group in Türkiye. With this acquisition, Flank will continue to grow bigger and better.

Our graduate Efe Kethüda has also been actively working with KTH Event Agency, an event and project management company co-founded by Efe Kethüda and serving the entrepreneurship ecosystem since 2010. After Flank's takeover, Kethüda continues his entrepreneurship journey and story with Trivians, a blockchain-based crypto game company he co-founded where he also serves as CEO. Kethüda remarks that he owes his success to the entrepreneurship journey he started at Özyeğin University. After making it to the Forbes 40 Under 40 List for three consecutive years, Kethüda was featured in the 30 Under 30 List by Forbes Magazine in 2019.