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Aug 01, 2023 - Aug 31, 2023

Özyeğin University Faculty Member Assistant Prof. Furkan Kıraç and His Team Return Home with Awards from International Challenge

Assistant Prof. Furkan Kıraç from the Computer Science Department at Özyeğin University and his team of students have returned home with awards from the “Kaggle Award for ML Reproducibility Challenge 2022”.

The Kaggle ML Reproducibility Challenge Prize 2022 is a skill contest intended to investigate reproducibility of successful papers accepted for publication at top conferences by inviting other teams to select a paper and reproduce it using artificial intelligence techniques. Assistant Prof. Furkan Kıraç and his team tested the data of the original report “Exact Feature Distribution Matching for Arbitrary Style Transfer and Domain Generalization” for reproducibility purposes, and penned a new paper on the results obtained. Dr. Furkan Kıraç and his team’s (Mert Erkol, Barış Özcan and Osman Furkan Kınlı) paper made it among the best 25 reports, and received with the “ML Reproducibility 2022” award of USD 10,000. Meanwhile, Osman Furkan Kınlı also won the “Best Reviewer” award of USD 5,000, which is awarded to recognize outstanding reviewers.

For more about the awards and the list of awards, please see:

We congratulate Assistant Prof. Furkan Kıraç and his team on their achievement.