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The Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences at Ozyegin University actively participates to the Erasmus + programs - Study mobility program and Traineeship program.



These are the partner institutions for the Aviation Management Erasmus + Program.


Coventry - UK

Website: https://www.coventry.ac.uk


Rzeszow - Poland

Website: https://kandydaci.wsiz.rzeszow.pl/en/



Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Website: http://www.amsterdamuas.com/aviation


We are more interested on the quality than on the quantity. Thus, we aim having good match with the institutions we partner and try to have a close cooperation. If you, as institution, would like to partner with our institution, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our university through our university  International Office.

 In addition to the above partner institutions on Aviation Management, you can check the updated full list of Ozyegin University partner institutions.


If you are an Aviation Management student at Ozyegin University, we would like you to seriously consider the possibility to participate on the Erasmus + program because we are convinced that it would contribute very positively to your education.

 Here you can reach the following information

     Erasmus+ study mobility program for outgoing students:

     Erasmus+ traineeship program

     International Cooperation & Exchange Programs

 For more information to get in touch with our university International Office team or our faculty coordinator Dr. Luis Martín-Domingo.



 We would like to have international students in our faculty as it contributes very positively to the diversity of our courses, so you will be very welcome at our campus in Istanbul. If you are considering to apply for our University / Faculty, here are some links that might help you.

 Please visit the Incoming Students website to find out about the online application procedure and review practical information: https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/en/international-cooperation-exchange-programs/exchange-programs/erasmus-exchange/incoming-students

 5 min video where you can get a good idea about our campus in Istanbul:


 To have a shorter look at our Faculty you can watch this 2 min video:


 Our curriculum shows you all the courses we offer on each of the semester of the 4 years Bachelor program. All our courses are taught in English.: https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/en/aviation-management-program/undergraduate-bsc-program/curriculum


Course Title Credit Prerequisites
AVM 308 General Aviation Operations and Management 4  
AVM 407 Airline Business Models and Strategies 6  
AVM 408 Forecasting and Optimization in Aviation 6 AVM 202 veya OPER 202
AVM 410 Airline Reservation and Management Systems 6 To complete at least 150 credits
AVM 414 Management of Air Cargo 6  
PLT 411 Aircraft Accident Investigation 6  
AVM 104 International Aviation Management 6  
AVM 302 Emergency Planning and Crisis Management 6 To complete at least 120 credits
AVM 310 Human Factors in Aviation 6  
AVM 411 Nanotechnology in Aviation 6  
PLT 106 Aviation Psychology 6