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Özyeğin University has launched its International Trade and Business program, with an ambitious goal of educating tomorrow’s global experts who would meet the demands and the challenges of the international business world. The program’s main focus is to provide its students with the necessary skills and tools to become competitive in a highly globalized world. The program requires students choose a region of expertise, where the students will become familiar with the region’s social structure, its language and more importantly its business practices. To have a hands-on experience, the department encourages students to have internship or continue their education in prestigious companies, universities or institutions in their selected regions of expertise.

Academic Program

In addition to a frontier management education under the OzU brand name, students who are enrolled in the IBUS program will have the opportunity to:

  • Become experts in a specialized region, where they will be speaking the region’s language (as part of second foreign language requirement) and become familiar with its business and cultural practices;
  • Do internship in a multinational company or attend a student exchange program abroad;
  • Become familiar with real-life cases and communicate with the key actors of the international business world.

The first year
Students are provided with the fundamental principles of economics and management, as well as trained in some of the soft skills of the business world such as business ethics, entrepreneurship, decision making, and negotiation.

The second year
The focus is on the core competencies in the fields of marketing, finance, and operations management. In addition, the course sequence of intercultural communication starts this year to give students a perspective of global thinking and awareness of cultural differences.

The third year
Third-year curriculum is structured around international business. Management and economics issues are revisited with a rigorous focus on international business environment. In addition, via “sectoral solutions” courses, the students will improve their understanding of global and local sectoral dynamics.

The fourth year
Students are offered a wide range of elective courses where they can analyze international business dynamics in their regions of interest, learn how to design global strategies, and become familiar with sectoral policy implementation.

Even this rigorous program cannot fully meet the challenging demands of the international business environment without an international hands-on experience. For that purpose, the department encourages international internship and student exchange programs with prestigious institutions abroad. The students can fulfill their internship requirement either by completing exchange programs in a university abroad or by working as an intern in her (his) specific region of interest.

PREP English Prep School
First Year Core courses
Second Year Core courses Program Courses
Third Year Program Courses Elective Courses
Fourth Year Elective Courses

Graduation Requirements

International Business and Trade students should take and successfully finish at least 44 courses and 120 credits (240 ECTS) for graduation.

Graduation requirements are summarized below:

 Courses Total Credits Course Hours
Core Courses 10 5
IBUS Program Required 178 35
IBUS Elective Courses 12 2
Faculty Elective Courses 24 4
Non-Faculty Elective Courses 0 0
Free Elective Courses 12 2
IBUS Internship / Certificate 4 2
Total 240 50

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, our students gain opportunities to work in multinational companies (either operating in Turkey or abroad), international organizations such as The United Nations, The World Bank, International Finance Corporation, or OECD or even in the most prestigious government agencies such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of European Union.