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ÖzÜ Student Businesses

ÖzÜ Student Businesses


Each Spring semester, Özyeğin University selects the best on-campus student business ideas to provide support and mentorship to Özyeğin University students who wish to bring their on-campus business ideas to life and take their first step into entrepreneurship. The eligible businesses are determined as per the Student Business Procedure.

Applications are invited from students who have viable business ideas or projects pertaining to on-campus services that contribute to the University’s overall operation. Proposed business ideas or projects must be in compliance with the YÖK and University legislations, and the generally accepted code of ethics. Students must submit their applications during the stated application period. However, as per the Student Business Procedure, applications from food businesses are not considered.

The selection process for Student Businesses is made up of the following steps:
• Reading the Özyeğin University Student Businesses Procedure
• Completing the application form within the stated period
• Pre-screening by the evaluation committee
• Business Idea Presentations by the short-listed applicants
• Mentorship support for students whose Business Idea Presentations were deemed successful in order to prepare them for the final presentations they will need to make before the Selection Committee,
• Final Business Idea Presentations to the Selection Committee, and announcement of the winners.

Some of the business ideas which have been brought to life on campus to date as per the Student Businesses Procedure are as follows:
• Establishment and management of on-campus vending machines
• Establishment and management of an on-campus late night supermarket in the dormitories
• Establishment and management of an on-campus car wash
• Establishment and management of an on-campus stationery store to meet the stationery needs of the Faculty of Architecture and Design students.

2017-2018 Academic Year Application and Evaluation Calendar

Below you can find the timeline. Timeline can be changed without prior notice if there need be. Application: 30 May – 24 June 2018 Evaluation: 25 – 27 June 2018 Office Hours: 29 June – 5 July 2018 Pre-Selection Committee: 9 – 13 July 2018 Selection Committee: 23 – 27 July 2018
About Application and Evaluation Process
Applications will be only within the announced dates via the online form available on the following link
. Qualified applications will be notified following the evaluation process.

Owners of qualified applications will be shared a presentation template to be used while presenting the business ideas. Schedule of Office hours for mentorship sessions will also be shared within the same notification.

Mentorship will be provided in the new campus building by the Center for Entrepreneurship. Following the presentations to the Pre-Selection Committee, business ideas qualified for final round will be decided.

Selection process will be completed following the presentation of qualified business ideas to the Selection Committee.

For question you have check the FAQ pages or e-mail to girisimcilik@ozyegin.edu.tr