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ÖzÜ Acceleration and Incubation

ÖzÜ Acceleration and Incubation

The Center for Entrepreneurship aims to serve as the first point of contract for the members of Özyeğin University where they consult in order to bring their creative ideas with innovative solutions to life.

The Center’s state-of-the-art new building accommodates modern work spaces where people from different disciplines and fields of specializations can work together on joint projects and build synergies in alignment with the Center’s innovative vision. The members of OzU will have the opportunity to work and spend time in an environment where they can freely reveal their creative ideas and discover their true entrepreneurial spirit.

The main priorities of the Center for Entrepreneurship are to develop the entrepreneurship muscles of OzU members, and equip them with necessary skills through a series of events and consultancy services in order to help them see and seize opportunities as prospective individual, corporate, or social entrepreneurs.

The Center’s in-house programs; The Fit Startup Factory and OpenFab Istanbul, will support prospective entrepreneurs in the launch and consolidation of their business idea in the most affordable and fastest way possible.        

The Center for Entrepreneurship aims to make its name with a series of signature works that will set the agenda. Through its on-campus events and collaborations with external stakeholders, the Center will serve as a platform where the heart of entrepreneurship throbs, and entrepreneurial ideas flourish, are freely shared, and brought to life in every field.


*For more about the Acceleration and Incubation programs at Özyeğin  University, please contact us via email at girisimcilik(@)ozyegin.edu.tr.