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The Özyeğin University Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program strives to cultivate a new generation of engineers with in-depth knowledge and extensive capacity to use cutting edge technologies for civil engineering applications; equipped with broad skills in their area of specialization in terms of both design and practice; dedicated to personal, cultural, and social values; showing intense enthusiasm and a strong desire to think, question, and learn. Our graduates will be privileged to attain positions in various fields of civil engineering that require in-depth specialization in the ever-changing business world.

Our Graduates

Our graduates will be
• Equipped with in-depth knowledge in fundamental engineering sciences and advanced technologies
• Dedicated to research, innovation and entrepreneurship
• Highly successful team players vested with leadership skills
• Life-long learners devoted to acquiring new and right information and skills
• Highly aware of their ethical responsibilities with a strong dedication to ethical values

Academic Program

The freshman year builds a foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical drawing and computing, and provides an introduction to the concepts of Civil Engineering with a course in each semester. In the sophomore year, students advance their fundamental engineering skills and start working on the foundations of Civil Engineering, including the basics of construction management and transportation. At the end of the sophomore year, OzU Civil Engineering students will have completed their first summer internships. During their internships, students may either opt to familiarize themselves and contribute to a specific sector at the industry or help faculty in their research projects.
In the junior year curriculum, students are provided with compulsory courses on structural analysis, reinforced concrete, soil mechanics, and foundation engineering. Students also start taking electives in their areas of specialization and have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in the civil engineering laboratories. At the completion of their junior year, OzU students will be as effective as entry level engineers, and they will have no difficulty finding the most suitable positions for their second summer internships. The junior year program also covers additional business topics and in-depth communications courses to develop students’ ability to effectively write and speak in English. The senior year curriculum is mostly allocated to advanced design courses as well as advanced elective courses to prepare students for the challenges in the field.


The Civil Engineering program offers a carefully selected set of tracks including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management and transportation. Structural engineering is a crucial field of engineering with a vast field of application, aiming to minimize casualties, property damages, and economic losses, particularly due to earthquakes. Ongoing seismic retrofitting and rehabilitation projects undertaken in several cities across Turkey, including Istanbul, naturally, give rise to a high demand for structural engineers. The geotechnical engineering, construction management and transportation tracks are also highly promising fields of civil engineering, dedicated to create affordable and sustainable solutions for rapidly growing cities. Our program takes pride is its distinguished faculty in each of its tracks.