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As being founded within the Faculty of Architecture and Design for the first time in Turkey, the Department of Communication Design offers a four year undergraduate program that aims at the understanding of the principles, theories and the practice of communication design with the goal of conveying ideas and information consisting of image, text and sound in the most efficient form. Encompassing areas such as information architecture, interactive interface design, multi-media applications, new generation of communication technologies, and interactive exhibition systems, this program is in mutual support with other departments in the faculty. Our students, besides acquiring a strong background in communication design principles, can be equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge that incorporates a broad domain, or by gaining in-depth knowledge through our modular program, can be graduated as experts in a personally focused field.

Our Graduates

As being founded within the Faculty of Architecture and Design for the first time in Turkey, the Department of Communication Design aims to contribute to the field by educating experts and researchers in communication design discipline for diverse areas of study and practice through its flexible modular program that is developed according to the needs of the sector. In parellel to this purpose, our goal is to gain our students the necessary knowledge and the experience for developing problem solving methods with deliberate account of user behavior, and to gain them the ability to integrate the power of sound, image and text in order to create effective communication.
After a minimum of eight semesters, our student will graduate as a designer who

  • has improved his/her skills in creative thinking,
  • is capable of constructing 3-Dimensional information architecture and representing it in 2-Dimensions,
  • is able to produce multi-media objects in diverse technological platforms,
  • is knowledgeable in desing management and entrepreneurship,
  • has obtained a “designer’s vision”.

Career Prospects

In parallel to our department’s vision, our goal is to educate resouceful and innovative designers in the field of communication design who are equipped both in research and applied work; collaborators and entrepreneurs who can work with other fields and can even go beyond to discover and create what doesn’t exist yet.
With the knowledge and experience gained after a minimum of eight semesters, our graduates can work in the following sectors and positions:

  • executive or creative director in new generation agencies,
  • academician in related fields of universities,
  • researcher in R&D (research and development) departments of technology companies,
  • designers in museums or galleries that make use of experimental, interactive exhibition techniques.
  • animator in small production agencies specialized in motion media.