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Design, Technology and Society Master Program

The mission of the Master’s Program in Design, Technology and Society (Thesis) is to equip prospective students with the knowledge and core skills to study and undertake interdisciplinary scientific research within the cross-section of design, technology, society and other related areas.  The master’s program is intended to be a home for qualified research by providing the necessary conditions:  a robust faculty, fundamental infrastructural resources, and a productive research and development environment. Unlike the undergraduate programs we offer, the Master’s Program in Design, Technology, and Society is directed towards in-depth study and research of various interdisciplinary fields. In doing so, the program endeavors to open up new horizons for students and equip them with a broad perspective.

Turkey bears its own unique and strong cultural and social grounds, alongside its dynamic and developing technological infrastructure and market economy.  Drawing from these dynamics within this conjuncture, design is taking on more technological, social, and economic importance. Vested with a world-class education, graduates of the Thesis Master’s Program in Design, Technology, and Society at Özyeğin University will acquire the necessary competence to take part in national and international scientific research, and design and technology related development projects. It is also expected that graduates of the program will be admitted to the doctoral programs of universities at home or abroad to pursue their postgraduate studies in their fields of interest, and undertake high-level scientific research during their doctoral studies by virtue of the education they received at OzU. One of the main objectives of the Master’s Programs in Design, Technology and Society is to advance Turkey’s role in global scientific research by encouraging publications, and research and development projects which have the potential to contribute to national economy.

The language of instruction of the Master’s Program in Design, Technology and Society is English as the program is intended for not only Turkish students but also international students. To that end, the program’s curriculum is designed on par with international standards.  Sponsored research projects funded by national agencies such as TÜBİTAK, or international organizations such as European Union will advance the quality of research, while also enabling students to take part in international research, interact with team members from other cultures, and, ultimately, gain an international perspective.

 The program endeavors to equip students with a solid foundation in their fields of research, make them aware of the position and interdisciplinary nature of their fields of research, and further develop their knowledge and skills to help them skillfully demonstrate advanced theoretical and practical knowledge.  In this regard, facilitating the generation of new and interdisciplinary design knowledge and skills based on a thorough evaluation and review of the existing knowledge is one of the core reasons for launching the Master’s Program in Design, Technology and Society.  Students of the Master’s Program in Design, Technology and Society are expected to use research methods for problem solving, independently conduct research, and develop new and strategic approaches when faced with an unforeseen and complex issue. It is also paramount that our students can assume a leadership role when confronted with an issue which relates to their field of study, develop their knowledge and skills with a critical outlook while steering their studies toward their fields of interests. The Master’s Program in Design, Technology and Society will equip  students with the knowledge and core skills to undertake thorough research within the interdisciplinary fields of design, technology, society, and other related areas, communicate the latest developments in design, technology, and society to different audiences through written, verbal, or visual means, express themselves in written and spoken English professionally, and use computer and technology based tools efficiently.

Gastronomy and Design Track

The Gastronomy and Design Track takes a holistic approach to the concept of gastronomy and aims to bring a multidisciplinary, scientific, and innovative perspective to its study.  The track is intended for those who aspire to conduct original academic research in the field of gastronomy and culinary culture, while also offering a robust research-based knowledge base to those already in design, agriculture, food and beverage sectors and/or the food industry to help them further develop themselves professionally and expand their horizons.  Students will have the opportunity to develop new interdisciplinary projects and conduct research on all types of food and beverage production and consumption practices.

In addition to the required courses of the Thesis Master’s Program in Design, Technology, and Society (i.e. Research Methods, Design in Social Context, Social Theory of Science and Technology), students must take the required courses of the Master’s Program in Gastronomy and Design (i.e. Food Culture and History, Food and Consumer Behavior, Sensory Analysis and Food Product Development), and 1 field elective course. Students will also need to complete a Research Seminar and a Graduate Thesis in order to qualify for graduation from the program.

For further academic information about the Gastronomy and Design Track:

Associate Prof. Özge Samancı 0216-564 9318, 0216-564 9246  ozge.samanci@ozyegin.edu.tr