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The aim of Design, Technology and Society PhD program is to equip prospective students with the knowledge and core skills to study and undertake thorough research within interdisciplinary fields of design, technology, society and other related areas. The PhD program is aspired to be a home for developing noble research by providing necessary conditions; a research and development setting along with fundamental infrastructure resources with qualified academicians in their own fields. Unlike undergraduate programs we offer, the content of this postgraduate programme is directed towards in depth study and research of various interdisciplinary fields. Students are encouraged and expected to broaden their perspective throughout their education.

Turkey bears its own unique and strong cultural and social grounds, alongside its dynamic and developing technological infrastructure and market economy. Design, nourishing by these dynamics within this conjuncture is becoming more and more prominent. PhD graduates of Özyeğin University Design, Technology and Society program, will acquire competence in working on national and international scaled academic research, design and technology related development projects. It is also expected that the graduates of the programme will continue their postgraduate education in their home and/or foreign universities of their own choosing, as those that received their phd education in ÖzÜ will continue to develop outstanding scientific studies. Main objective of the Design, Technology and Society studies is to enhance the role of scientific studies in Turkey within the world by encouraging publications, research-development projects that can contribute to national economy.

English is being the main language of instruction of the graduate program, will provide education for both Turkish and foreign students. In this respect, the contents of Design,Technology and Society program has been developed according to international standarts. Sponsoring projects carried out within the program by national agencies such as Tübitak and European Union or other international agencies will, advance the quality of the research as while students having a chance to work with other cultures thus learning through interaction and gaining a wider perspective in global issues.

It is crucial that students develop their ability to grasp their own research field holistically, understand where their field lies amongst other disciplines and it’s interdisciplinary nature through demonstrating advanced theoretical and practical knowledge. In this regard, one of the cornerstone purposes of setting up this programme was to facilitate generation of original interdisciplinary design knowledge and skills. Students of ÖzÜ Design, Technology and Society PhD Program are expected to use research methods for problem solving, conduct research independently and develop new and strategic approaches when faced with a sudden and complex issue. It is crucial our students can adopt a leadership role towards their own studies, developing their knowledge and skills with a critical outlook while directing their work towards their interests and relevant fields. Design, Technology and Society Master Program will equip prospective students with the knowledge and core skills to undertake thorough research within interdisciplinary fields of design, technology, society and other related areas, communicate with different groups through written, verbal or visual means, express themselves in written and spoken English professionally, use computer and technology based tools effieciently.