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Assistant Professor


Sabancı University, Management and Organization, 2019


University of Tehran, Human Resource Management, 2013

Research Areas

International Business, International Expansion and Adaptation Strategies, Cross-cultural Management, Strategy


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Alipour, A. (2021). What Matters for the Future? Comparing Globe’s Future Orientation with Hofstede’s Long-term Orientation. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management.
  • Alipour, A., Fayyazi, M. (2019). Emotional Intelligence as an Antecedent of Relational Social Capital. Journal of Management and Organization Studies, 4(2), 5-33.
  • Alipour, A. (2019). The Interactive Impact of Organizational and National Cultures on the Impression Management Strategies of Employees. Journal of Management and Organization Studies. 4(1), 19-39.
  • Alipour, A. (2019).  The conceptual difference really matters: Hofstede vs Globe's Uncertainty Avoidance and the Risk-taking Behavior of Firms. Cross-cultural and Strategic Management
  • Alipour, A. (2015). Turkey’s stance towards the main developments in the South Caucasus. Insight Turkey17(1), 191-211.


Conference Presentations

  • Alipour, A., Goudarzi, K., Ates, Y., N., Gözübüyük, R., & Genc, M. (2021). The Role of Institutional Environment Driving Firms’ Attention to Forward-looking Aspirations. Academy of Management Conference. 
  • Alipour, A., Gözübüyük, R., & Cünedioğlu, E. (2019). The Behavioral Theory of the Firm: A Cross-cultural Examination. Academy of International Business (AIB). Copenhagen, Denmark.  
  • Alipour, A., Gözübüyük, R., & Cünedioğlu, E. (2018). Performance Feedback and Risk Relationship: A Cross-cultural Examination. Strategic Management Society (SMS). Paris, France.
  • Wasti, A. S., Alipour, A., Tan, H. H., Fulmer, A., & Song, U. (2016). Defining Trust across Cultures: A Prototype Approach. First International Network on Trust (FINT). Dublin; Ireland.
  • Wasti, A. S., Alipour, A., & Jin, S. X. (2015). Trust Concept in Work Relations: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. 24th National Conference of Management & Organization. Bodrum. Turkey.

Currently Working Projects

  • Alipour, A., Gözübüyük, R., & Cünedioğlu, E. The Behavioral Theory of the Firm; A Cross-cultural Investigation.
  • Wasti, A. S., Alipour, A., Tan, H. H., Fulmer, A., & Song. Cross-cultural comparison of trust in work relationships.
  • Alipour, A., Genc, M., Risk and risk-taking in the Turkish Context.
  • Alipour, A., Boundary Conditions of Performance Feedback and Risk Relationship; Backward versus Forward-Looking Aspirations