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Assistant Professor

Research Areas
  • Behavioral Operations
  • Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Mechanism Design.


Texas University, Dallas, Management Science, 2015
Koç University, Industrial Engineering, 2010
Istanbul Technical University, Industrial Engineering, 2008


Journal Articles

  • Armagan Bayram, Bahriye Cesaret, 2019. “Order Fulfillment Policies for Ship-from-Store Implementation in Omni-Channel Retailing,” European Journal of Operational Research, forthcoming.
  • Bahriye Cesaret, Milind Dawande, Tharanga Rajapakshe, 2019. “On Member-Driven, Efficient and Fair Timeshare Exchanges,” Production and Operations Management, 28(1), 189–205.
  • Bahriye Cesaret, Ceyda Oğuz, F. Sibel Salman, 2012. “A Tabu Search Algorithm for Order Acceptance and Scheduling,” Computers & Operations Research, 39(6), 1197–1205.

Book Chapters

  • Dincer Konur, Gonca Yıldırım, Bahriye Cesaret, 2020. “Carrier Selection for LTL Shipments,” accepted for a publication in the International Encyclopedia of Transportation.
  • Meigui Yu, Armagan Bayram, Bahriye Cesaret, 2019. “Curb Space Management in Urban Mobility System.” In the Optimization in Large Scale Problems: Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 Applications, Springer Optimization Application 152.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Armagan Bayram, Bahriye Cesaret, 2017. “Ship-from-Store Operations in Omni-Channel Retailing,” Proceedings of the 2017 Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference, May 20-23, Pittsburgh, USA.
  • Bahriye Cesaret, Ceyda Oğuz, F. Sibel Salman, 2010. “A Tabu Search Algorithm for Order Acceptance and Scheduling,” Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling (PMS), pp. 141–144, April 26-28, Tours, France.


  • Bahriye Cesaret, Elena Katok, “A Behavioral Study of Capacity Allocation in Revenue Management,” under review.
  • Bahriye Cesaret, “Competitive Dynamic Pricing under Capacity Constraints: An Experimental Study,” under review.
  • Bahriye Cesaret, Armagan Bayram, 2019. “The Impact of Customer Switching Behavior on Fulfillment Policies in Omni-Channel Retailing”.


Operations Management (OPER202) , Revenue Management (OPER313) , Retail Operations (OPER318, OPM733)