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The goal of our Graduate Programs (MSc and PhD) in Civil Engineering at Özyeğin University is to provide students the abilities of producing high-level knowledge, conducting independent research and practice. The advanced engineering applications and scientific research can only be conducted with a successful graduate program. Through the process of MSc And PhD programs, the students are vested with an in-depth education and research opportunities that cannot be obtained during an undergraduate program. These high-level programs can also provide a broad perspective to students regarding the engineering field applications and research in engineering science.

The graduates of the MSc and PhD programs at Özyeğin University will receive a world-class education and gain experience in engineering applications and research that enables them to involve in both national and world-wide technological and scientific research and development. They will also contribute to modern sciences, industry applications, our country's priority development areas, the national economy and the business world. These graduates with their great team-work skills and ability to excel themselves as engineers will pioneer the change and development in civil engineering. Moreover, our graduate students who opt to continue their academic life can pursue their education further in any university nationwide and across the world. The highest quality learning experience that they gained in Özyeğin University will lead their success in these universities.

Scope of the Graduate program

The graduate students, their research groups and the active laboratories that they are working will inspirit the research at Özyeğin University. The research conducted by the faculty, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students will yield to scientific papers in technical journals, conference proceedings, patents and even to new high- technology engineering companies. 

Currently, within the scope of the MSc and PhD programs in the Civil Engineering Department at Özyeğin University, research studies in various fields as indicated below are conducted.

  • Structural engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Construction materials
  • Construction management
  • Transportation engineering
  • Hydraulic engineering and urban physics