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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years does it take to complete the Undergraduate Professional Flight Program?
The regular period of study is 4 years excluding the English preparatory program.

What is the scope of the program?
The program offers English language education, required and elective academic courses, Private Pilot License and Airline Transport Pilot License as well as theoretical ground courses and applied flight training.

Who will deliver the program?

  • The English language preparatory program is delivered by the instructors of the School of Foreign Languages
  • Required and elective academic courses will be delivered by the faculty members of the relevant programs at Özyeğin University,
  • PPL and ATPL theoretical ground courses will be delivered by the faculty members of the Undergraduate Professional Flight Program at Özyeğin University,
  • Applied Flight Training will be delivered by the AYJET Anatolian Stars Flight School at Hezarfen Airport, Istanbul.

How is the curriculum?
You may find below our curriculum.

B.Sc. in Professional Flight
Prepatory Program                    English  Prepatory Program                             
Freshman Fall Academic Courses
  Spring Academic Courses
Elective Courses
Sophomore Fall PPL Training - Theoretical Courses   
Academic and Elective Course
  Spring PPL Training - Flight Training
Junior Fall ATPL Training - Theoretical Courses
PIC Flight Training
ATPL Training - Theoretical Courses
PIC Flight Training
Senior Fall ATPL Flight Training
Academic Courses
  Spring ATPL Flight Training
Academic and Elective Courses

How many flight hours will I have when I graduate?
Students will graduate from the pilot training program with around 213:00 hours total time.

PPL 23:00 17:00 05:00   45:00
NIGHT 03:00 02:00 -   05:00
IR 15:00 - 35:00   50:00
CPL 15:00 - -   15:00
MEP 02:30 - 04:00   06:30
MEP-IR 02:00 - 03:00   05:00
PIC - 81:00 -   81:00
TOTAL 60:30 100:00 47:00 207:30
PPL SKILL TEST 01:30 - -   01:30
CPL/IR SKILL TEST 02:00 - -   02:00
MEP/IR SKILL TEST 01:00 - 01:00   02:00
GRAND TOTAL 65:00 100:00 48:00 213:00

How can I be exempt from English language preparatory program?

  • The English Language Preparatory Program consists of five separate and consecutive levels, which are ‘Elementary’, ‘Pre- Intermediate’, ‘Intermediate’, ‘Upper Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’. Students who meet the requirements of Advanced level are entitled to sit for the English Proficiency Examination (TRACE- Test of Readiness for Academic English) administered by the School of English Language Instruction. Students that pass this exam are entitled to start their undergraduate programs.
  • Students are granted exemption from the English Language Preparatory Program and are entitled to register for their undergraduate programs at the beginning of the academic year with the resolution of the School of Foreign Languages, provided that they submit a written petition to the Student Services Director’s Office at least one month before the start of classes in the Fall semester along with one of the international/national foreign language exam results that is recognized by the university, certifying that they have the necessary English proficiency required by the University.
  • International examinations recognized by OzU:
    • TOEFL-IBT: At least 80, with at least 20 in each section
    • TOEFL-PBT: At least 550, with at least 4 in Writing
    • IELTS Academic Module: Minimum overall band score of 6,5 with at least 5 on each band
    • FCE: At least B
    • CAE: At least C
    • CPE: At least C
    • KPDS / ÜDS: At least 86
  • Validity periods of examinations:
    • TOEFL-IBT :2 years;
    • IELTS / FCE / CAE / CPE / KPDS / ÜDS : 3 years

What is the quota of the B.Sc. in Professional Flight?
You may view the quota details of the B.Sc. in Professional Flight here.

2020 Quotas

Will the program admit international students?
The program admits international students.

Which documents do I need to submit for enrollment?

  • A first class health certificate (Class-1) issued by the authorized aviation medical centers that are recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) within at most the last 3 months. This certificate must be renewed each year.
  • Two(2) copies Clean Criminal Background Records issued by the authorized bodies within the last 1 month before enrollment. This document is required to certify that the student has not been found guilty of any charges that prevent the student from serving as a pilot, as stipulated in the Rules and Regulations for the Aircraft Pilot License (SHY-1)

(You will need to apply for it in your country and if it's not in English, you will need to translate/accredit it by the notary into English/Turkish language:)

How long does it take to obtain the health certificate?
The health certificate is normally issued within 1 or 2 days. However fees may vary across hospitals.

Where can I obtain the health certificate?

What happens if I cannot obtain the health certificate?
Students that are unable to submit their (CLASS-1) health certificates during enrollment cannot enroll in the program.

I have eyeglasses. Can I enroll in the program?
It depends on the opinion of the physician that will see you at the relevant hospital where you obtain your health certificate. If you have any doubts, we strongly advise you to see the relevant physician at an authorized hospital before applying for the program.

Based on which score type does the program admit its students?
Our program will admit its students based on their MF-4 scores.

How much is the program fee?
2015-2016 Academic Year Fees.

Which licenses will students have when they graduate?
Our students will be awarded with a 4-year B.Sc. in Professional Flight Program diploma, as well as a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Instrument Rating License IR(A) by completing ATP(A)-Frozen Level courses.

What is the language of instruction?
The language of instruction is English.

What happens if I fail in the Applied Flight Training courses or if I do not want to pursue the flight training?
Students that successfully complete the English language preparatory program as well as their academic courses but fail to successfully complete the Applied Flight Training courses offered as of their third semesters or do not wish to pursue flight training any longer will be allowed to transfer to the other academic programs offered by our university within the framework of the rules and regulations.

What are the reasons for failure in the flight training courses?

  • Physiological reasons such as vertigo, nausea, vomiting or psychological and behavioral problems that prevent the student from successfully completing the flight,
  • Failure to demonstrate sufficient development in the relevant stages of the flight training,
  • Avoidance of flight due to flight anxiety or aerophobia in such a way that interrupts the flight training,

What are the benefits of graduating from this program?

  • Our graduates will be vested with the necessary skills and competences to serve as a Second Officer in national and international airline companies through the ATP(A)-Frozen licence offered by their 4 year undergraduate program and type and line training they will get after graduation, as well as their high self-esteem and proficiency in English.
  • A pilot that graduated from the university between the ages of 23 and 25 can serve for airline companies for 40 years on average as per the effective regulations and legislations.

How do you collaborate with the Anatolian Stars Flight Training Organization (AYJET)?
AYJET is the top flight training school in Turkey renowned with its instructors that served as captain pilots for airline companies for long years and that have extensive experience in flight training. The school takes pride in the consistently high employment rate of its graduates thanks to its top-notch and applied education. Therefore Özyeğin University has chosen AYJET Flight Training Organization as its partner. As per this cooperation, theoretical courses will be offered by Özyeğin University, while flight training courses will be delivered by AYJET Flight Organization. For further details about AYJET, you may check here.

Do you have partnerships with any of the airline companies?
We have partnerships with the leading airline companies of Turkey that will remain effective both during the course of the program and following the graduation.