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 About Private Law LL.M Program

Each of the courses in the masters program of Özyeğin University Institute of Social Sciences is given by academicians who are experts in their field.

Since the master lessons are given in Özyeğin University Altunizade Building between 18:00 -20:00 and 20:00-22:00 it is also suitable for those who are currently working in a job but also wants to enroll a graduate program.

Law Faculty graduates who attend masters program, will have more detailed information about the subjects they are taking in practice and may have a more advantageous position in the job they are considering to work, and those who still carry out as judges, lawyers, notaries or self-employed professions will have the opportunity to be more successful in their profession.  Students who will experience their differences in the study areas show their privilege will be awarded by the Master of Science in Social Sciences Institute of Özyeğin University.


The purpose of the program supported by the faculty members of Özyeğin University Faculty of Law, as well as other university’s faculty members and experts from the field is to provide a graduate education in this field, to develop the knowledge and experience to reinforce the existing information in problem solving.In order to carry out his/her profession more comfortably and properly, with seminars and thesis studies , students can recognize new scientific methods and tools and lastly they can specialize in certain subjects. Also this qualifications will make a positive contribution to right to legal remedies. The students in this field will also have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, experience and abilities and have an oppurtunity to carry out their profession in their expertise areas as well-raised jurists even more by participating in various activities that organized by the Faculty of Law in the field of private law.

About Health Law /Medical Law Area of Specialization (Modul)

Both significant changes in legislation after 2004 and both extension in right to legal remedies and of awareness in this field, with health reform have caused important legal problems in healthcare field. Not only related in the field of criminal law, but also civil law, obligations law and administrative law orientad legal disputes has been brought to judicial organs day by day.  These medical problems can be caused by medical intervention mistakes in aesthetic surgery or internal diseases, gynecology, orthopedics; similar as in the areas of organ transplantation, stem cell research, genetic testing and dental health;  intensive and new problems are constantly involved in legal life. Since this area is a very multidisciplinary, it should be dealt like that in education and practice.  In the construction of legislation and in the implementation of the legislation and on the side issues such as being part as friend of the court;  it is an essential requirement that both legal and healthcare workers take legal education and contribute to our country's law with graduate studies with thesis.  Moreover, in the sense of protective law, the knowledge of law will also prevent the health professionals from encountering legal problems.

Reform of this area is still ongoing, legislation is constantly renewed, judicial desicions, has been formed with the understanding of former legislation is changing and as jurists, health professional’s scientific researches will enable the healthy development of this reform and implementation in accordance with the requirements of modern law. For the members of both areas, this area also appears to be a profession.


While making various seminar studies and conducting graduate-level training in this field, the program aims transferring the jurisprudence and current problems and comparative law developments to the concerned people. Undoubtedly, the ultimate goal is to create an important scientific work in this field by a thesis written after the seminar section of the training and to specialize the relevant student in this context. Also, one of the main goal is to make scientific studies and to deepen the legal knowledge specific to the profession and to develop the ability, to analyze every legal dispute related to health as a specialist by analyzing the cases in this field from a very well informed and methodological point of view.

Özyeğin University Faculty of Law academic staff who are working in this field for years and as well as the distinguished experts in the field of health and medical law in our country, support the education with lectures, seminars and theses which they contribute to the writing.

During these trainings, students have unlimited opportunity to develop their knowledge and experience levels by training from different experts in the field of health law and scientific activities besides masters program.

About Sports Law Area of Specialization (Modul)

In general sports law and in specific Football Law, devoloping day by day almost became an independent field of law in recent years. Although the developments in the field of basketball, skiing and volleyball have accelerated, Sports / Football law has become a huge industry in addition to being an important legal field in terms of both Federation and the masses it addresses as well as the legal problems it raises.  Except for the disciplinary law, contracts between footballer and club, advertising, licenses, broadcasting rights in the organs of voice and /or video communication, trademark and patent rights, transfer contracts with coaches and operators, as well as agreements which have carrying element of foreigness and legal rules specific to the structure and application of sports clubs because of sports club’s legal situation has originated in the form of company or association and this cause the national legal rules and judicial system becoming insufficient in this field.Therefore, in addition to international influences in sports law, there are developments affecting national law directly.Thus, apart from the national legislation of the countries and the judicial systems, there are separate rules.In sports law, studies must  require consideration of the technical characteristics and operation of the branch. There is a serious need for expert lawyers who know well about sports / football law as well as the coaches who work in this field. Although the sports law is subject to it’s domestic law and international legislation, because of the events in Turkey from time to time subject to the decision of the Court of Cassation has increased the importance of this area. After the match-fixing and incentive pay regulations in Turkish Criminal Code, the importance of the sports law in criminal law has also increased.


This program is designed to meet the serious need for graduate programs in the field of sports / football law that are concerned with all law branches. In this program, not only national law but also the regulations and practices of FIFA and UEFA and other supra-national sports organizations will be evaulated. The instructors of the program are not only jurists, but also they are experts in this field. They have gained experience in practice and have contributed to the formation of many sports instructions and other legislation.  Program aims to the basic knowledge of sports law in general in all sports branches (especially in the field of football law). Students will gain specific knowledge of the law in much-needed areas from specialize jurists and other tecnical experts.

In lessons, by examining the important national and international judicial organs as well as the the precedent decisions of the judicial boards of the federations or the national/supranational judicial mechanisms and the law they implemented, it is aimed to educate the well-trained sports/football jurists.