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School of Languages (ScOLa) consists of three different language programmes; Preparatory English Program, Undergraduate English Program, and Modern Languages Program. Each program contributes to the language development of the university students who study at Özyeğin University and is structured to meet the needs of their students in the light of their own mission, vision and philosophy.

a. Mission

  • Preparatory English Program
    Özyeğin University, School of Languages (ScOLa) Preparatory English Program’s mission is to develop its students in order to equip them with an excellent command of written and oral English, help them gain necessary academic study habits and skills to excel in their studies both at the undergraduate and graduate level. We aim to enable our students to think critically and learn continuously, both on their own and in collaboration with each other, and become skilled at utilizing information technology tools effectively, and guide them to make ethically-grounded decisions in their academic and professional lives.
  • Undergraduate English Program
    The Undergraduate English courses at the School of Languages (ScOLa) at Özyeğin University aim to enhance students’ skills in academic writing, reading and speaking as well as critical thinking and research in preparation for continuing study and success in their future careers.
  • Modern Languages Program
    Modern Languages Program at the School of Languages aims to equip the students with the international languages of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish in order to help students develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills that enable them to communicate across cultures effectively.

b. Vision

  • Preparatory English Programme
    Özyeğin University School of Languages (ScOLa) Preparatory English Program aspires to become one of the best English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programmes in the country while at the same time promotes the most efficient use of integrated educational technology. In our Preparatory English Programme, we aspire to develop a custom-designed program that best meets the needs of each and every Özyeğin University Preparatory English Program student; and to provide and support continuous professional development for its staff; and contribute to the development of English Language Teaching (ELT) both in Turkey and abroad.
  • Undergraduate English Program
    The Undergraduate English courses aspire to provide an academic environment where students recognize and achieve their fullest potential by offering stimulating, effective and rigorous courses so that they can contribute to society.
  • Modern Languages Programme
    Modern Languages courses aspire to provide an environment where students will have a chance to learn a foreign language as well as experience different cultures.