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EAQUALS Accreditation

EAQUALS Accreditation

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Eaquals Guarantee for Language  Centres

Eaquals Guarantee to Students 

The School of Languages was established with the mission of developing Turkey’s best Academic English Program. The school has recently been accredited by EAQUALS (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services), an internationally recognized accreditation body based in Europe.  The School of Languages has been awarded with the EAQUALS accreditation for all three of its programs (English Preparatory Program, English Service Courses offered to undergraduate students, and Modern Languages Program), marking a first in Turkey.

EAQUALS awards accreditation to language schools through an extensive and multidimensional evaluation process to foster excellence in language education across the world. Founded in 1991, EAQUALS presently advises the Council of Europe on language policy issues and works with numerous leading international institutions in language education. Furthermore, EAQUALS conducts research and provides extensive consultancy and training services in areas such as curriculum development, assessment, teacher development and academic management.  EAQUALS has 136 members from across the world.

EAQUALS representatives visited the school for an inspection in May 2016. The comprehensive inspection process concluded that the School of Languages at Özyeğin University meets the high standards of the EAQUALS accreditation as well as the requirements of excellence in the following areas:

Management and Administration

This area meets the requirements of excellence because there is clear evidence of a strong mission and vision, good leadership that has been able to manage change effectively while involving all categories of staff so that they have some degree of ownership of the resulting systems. In addition to current change there is a vision for the future development of the School. The administration systems and course enrolment and placement procedures as well as data management to facilitate the academic systems and programmes delivery are well managed and efficient.


Academic Resources

The wealth of material available to the learners, the facilities for self-study and instructor support make this an area of excellence.

Learning Environment

This area meets the requirements of excellence because the learning environment is a state of the art experience and offers outstanding facilities for teaching, learning and extra-curricular activities. There is also a close focus on Health and Safety matters and detailed policies and procedures for the well-being of the students.


Client Services

Client services are excellent as the students benefit from a wide range of support services which give them additional learning opportunities and ensure they are studying in a pleasant environment with staff committed to ensure their welfare and safety.


Staff Profile and Development

Staff Profile is excellent as the teaching and administrative staff are extremely highly qualified and are continuing to work on this area.


Staff Terms and Conditions

Staff terms and conditions are excellent as the benefits package is considered to be one of the best in Turkey and is appreciated by members of staff who feel privileged to be employed at the School of Language where the managers listen to them and respond to requests.


Internal Communications

Internal Communications are excellent and are of the utmost importance in the School. There is an exceptionally effective mix and level of formal and informal communication. There are regular opportunities and established mechanisms for all staff to contribute their opinions and ideas for the running and development of the School and thus have some ownership of change within the organisation.


External Communications

This area is excellent because of the detail, clarity and scope of the information provided to all stakeholders: staff, students and parents.