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Language Proficiency Requirement

Language Proficiency Requirement

English Proficiency Requirement 

The English Preparatory Program is required for all our undergraduate programs. Students who are exempt from the English Preparatory Program or those who successfully complete the program become eligible to register for their degree programs.

Exemption Requirement for the English Preparatory Program:
  • To have one of the following exam results 
TOEFL-IBT: At least 80, with at least 20 in each section
TOEFL-PBT: At least 550, with at least 4 in Writing
PEARSON PTE Academic: At least 62, with at least 59 in each section
FCE: At least B
CAE/CPE: At least C
KPDS / ÜDS / YDS / e-YDS: At least 86

Validity periods of examinations: TOEFL and PEARSON PTE: 2 years; others: 3 years. 

As per Article 6, clause 3, sub-clause d of the Directives for Determinining the Equivalence of Foreign Language Exams, in order to grant and maintain the equivalence of an international foreign language examination, the respective examination must have been administered in a building owned by a state university, if the exam is held in Turkey. 

Exam results must still be valid in order to be acceptable by the university and students must submit the original copies of their exam results. The School of English Language Instruction has the right to investigate or reject the suspicious exam result.
  • Those who, within at least the last three years, attended and graduated from an English medium high school in which citizens of a country where English is the native language study(* If required, the ÖzÜ English Proficiency Exam will be taken by the candidates about their language proficiency)
  • Those who passed the TRACE examination administered by Özyeğin University within the last 2 years.
Students who are admitted to Turkish medium programs which also offer electives in English may start their undergraduate programs if they fail to complete the English Preparatory Program within one year. However, such students must satisfy the English proficiency requirement (TRACE or other exam results) in order to be eligible to graduate from university.

Students who are admitted to fully English medium programs via central placement can be placed to fully Turkish medium programs (including evening programs) that are equivalent (or close) to their current programs in the next two academic years without any scholarships if they fail to complete the English Preparatory Program within an academic year (two academic semesters). Application and placement procedures of such students are executed by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM). Application and placement requirements for such students are published in the “Procedures for Placement of Students Dismissed from Required English Preparatory Programs Due To Academic Failure to Turkish Medium Programs” booklet issued by the Student Selection and Placement Council (OSYM) at the beginning of each academic year.

Students admitted to academic programs offered in Turkish must complete at least the Intermediate level in order to start their programs. Students who fail to complete at least the Intermediate level although having studied in the English Preparatory Program for at least one year may start their undergraduate programs as of the beginning of the next academic year subject to their applications. Such students are called “students conditionally admitted to their academic programs”. Students whose proficiency level is determined to be either Upper Intermediate or Advanced following the English Proficiency Examination administered during university enrollments are placed at the English Preparatory Program. However such students may start their undergraduate programs provided that they petition for it.

Turkish Proficiency Requirement

Students who are enrolled in partially or wholly Turkish-medium programs must prove their Turkish proficiency.
Students who obtained at least B1 (Intermediate) level score in the Turkish Proficiency Examinations administered by TÖMER or any other examination centers accredited by the Higher Education Council may start their undergraduate programs.
The Turkish proficiency requirement is not applicable to students who completed their secondary education in Turkish-medium institutions in Turkey over the past three years.