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Internationalization Policy

Internationalization Policy

Ozyegin University (ÖzÜ) aims to become an internationally recognized, entrepreneurial research university with accredited programs. Having designed its strategic plan based on the principle that internationalization increases the quality of teaching-learning, research, social impact and student experience at the university, ÖzÜ aims to integrate all these aspects of higher education with an international approach and create an environment offering abundant opportunities for intercultural interactions and civic engagement. To this end, ÖzÜ adopts a multidimensional strategy to facilitate a multi-cultural student experience, to increase the number of student and employee mobility, to support international research and development activities, and international and inter-sectoral collaboration; and to establish the necessary structures to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the multinational world.

The University aims its students and graduates to become individuals who have high international competitiveness and are equipped with inter-cultural competencies to thrive in the global and interconnected society. In line with this goal, the language of instruction at ÖzÜ is English (except for Law). Students are encouraged to learn a foreign language through mandatory and elective second foreign language courses. The University strives to integrate intercultural dimensions to the academic curricula, create programs with international content, and design teaching and learning environments conducive to building intercultural skills. Employee and student mobility is facilitated through exchange programs so that the mobility participants can develop an international outlook and experience.

While designing the academic programs, ÖzÜ secures the internationalization perspective through its quality and assurance process and carries out necessary enhancements to improve functionality and sustainability. The Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area and the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey lay the foundation for designing the academic curricula respecting the transparency principle, and recognizing the qualifications. The international protocols and collaborations are monitored with the academic program coordinators and updated by the feedback of the students about the host institutions.

To ensure the quality of internationalization of teaching and learning, international students’ academic performance, and experience at the university, are closely monitored based on actual data. The International Office and the related units organize a series of activities to support the students’ academic development and adaptation to life at university. International students are recruited from a wide array of countries across the globe to design and maintain a multicultural university education and experience. ÖzÜ provides an educational experience that offers diverse and multi-layered opportunities for cross-cultural interaction reinforced through a selection of social environments and activities that connect individuals.

One of the institutional key objectives is to attract the best researchers and projects in the prioritized areas of research and development to increase the international competitive capacity of ÖzÜ and Turkey. In line with this strategic goal, initiation of international collaborations for research and scientific activities by the faculty members are encouraged.