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Academic Program

Academic Program

The Undergraduate Architecture Program endeavors to promote learning by discovery; inquiry; multidimensional and flexible thinking; problem solving and analysis of architectural and urban issues, while also preparing students for graduate study options. 

Özyeğin University Deparment of Architecture has been realized the following educational programs:

Architectue (English) and Architecture (Turkish) undergraduate programs,

Architecture (Thesis/Non-thesis) Master Program,

City and Architecture (Thesis/Non-thesis) (Turkish) Master Program,

PhD in Architecture Program

The courses in undergraduate programs of Department of Architecture classified under different groups. 
  • DESIGN coursesARCH/MİM 101 Design; ARCH/MİM 102  Architectural Design I; ARCH/MİM 201  Architectural Design II; ARCH/MİM 202  Architectural Design III; ARCH/MİM 301  Architectural Design IV; ARCH/MİM 302  /Architectural Design V; ARCH/MİM 401  Architectural Design VI; ARCH/MİM 402  Graduation Project;

  • REPRESENTATION courses: ARCH/MİM 103 Architectural Representation Techniques I; ARCH/MİM 104 Architectural Representation Techniques II; ARCH/MİM 203 Computer Aided Design I; ARCH/MİM 204  Computer Aided Design II;

  • HISTORY, THEORY, CULTURE, CONSERVATION coursesARCH/MİM 105 Culture of Architecture; ARCH/MİM 106 Space Organization; ARCH/MİM 108 History of Art; ARCH/MİM 209  History of Architecture I; ARCH/MİM 210 History of Architecture II; ARCH/MİM 304  Architectural Conservation and Surveying

  • TECHNOLOGY courses: ARCH/MİM 205 Building Construction and Materials; ARCH/MİM 206  Construction Technologies; ARCH/MİM 207  Statics and Mechanics of Materials; ARCH/MİM 208  Structural Analysis; ARCH/MİM 305 Environmental Control; ARCH/MİM 306  Building Systems; 

  • ENVIRONMENT- CITY courses: ARCH/MİM 212  Site Analysis and Sustainable Landscape Design; ARCH/MİM 303  Urban Planning and Design; 

  • PROFESSION courses: ARCH/MİM 403 Construction Management and Economics; ARCH/MİM 404 Project Management; ARCH/MİM 405  Professional Law; 

  • INTERNSHIPARCH/MİM 200 Summer Internship I (Research); ARCH/MİM 300 Summer Internship II (Office); ARCH/MİM 400 Summer Internship III (Construction site); 

  • ELECTIVE COURSES: Program elective courses 8 courses total 24 ECTS ; non-faculty elective courses: 2 courses total 6 ECTS

  • UNIVERSITY COURSES: MATH 101/MATH 107 (Turkish); ENG 101/ENG 103 (Turkish); ENG 102/ENG 104 (Turkish); SEC101; TLL 101; TLL 102; SEC 201/SEC 203 (Turkish); SEC 202/ SEC 204 (Turkish); HIST 201; HIST 202