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Current research interests of the Özyeğin University Undergraduate Architecture Program faculty members are as follows:

  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Theories and Criticism
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Urban Housing
  • Ecology
  • Urban Design
  • Urban Morphology
  • Construction Technologies
  • Information Technologies

Research laboratories and research groups of Department of Architecture


It is aimed to reflect and allow current information and technological development that respond to interdisciplinary research, application and in-house requirements at national and international level based on sustainability, community benefit and environmental awareness.In this context Urban and Housing Research Laboratory:

  • Supporting education and training,
  • Organizing national and international meetings,
  • Organizing national and international short-term courses,
  • Publish all types of research outputs,

In the laboratory, urban and housing research will be carried out in a multidisciplinary manner. It will be ensured that the widespread experience of laboratory, the development of research within interaction of public and private sector and transferring it to the field of application. The Urban and Housing Laboratory works together with IAPS Culture and Space Network.

IAPS CS NETWORK Prof. (PhD) Hülya Turgut (Network Coordinator) (hülya.turgut@ozyegin.edu.tr) , Prof.( PhD) Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu (Network founder member) (orhan.hacihasanoglu@ozyegin.edu.tr), Prof. (PhD) Alper Ünlü (Network founder member) (alper.unlu@ozyegin.edu.tr)

IAPS Culture and Space Network was established in 1997 as one of the networks of IAPS (International Association for People Environment Studies). IAPS CS Network organizes international and national symposiums, national workshops, and publish books, selected articles dossiers and special dossiers in journals


Urban and Housing Lab Director: Prof. Hülya Turgut (PhD), (hülya.turgut@ozyegin.edu.tr)  URL: http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/urbanandhousing/  



The lab aims to develop theoretical and research base of space syntax theory and it supports the architectural and urban based morphological studies in general. It aims to create a link of the logical argumentation, a kind of a bridge between two extreme disciplines, mathematics and architectural design. To develop a space syntax based strategy and tactics, methodologically, a human aspect approach towards the complex buildings is the main objective of the lab. So, the lab produces research strategies for solving the human-based problems in public buildings and its vicinity and it mainly concentrates on orientation, way finding, evacuation and its extents with spatial-cognitive problems. The lab scrutinizes the syntactic extents with human movements as research strategy, so the perceptive and cognitive dimensions are the main aims in  generation of the solutions. To sum up, the lab aims to solve complex design problems in densely used public buildings like hospitals, rehabilitation facilities for elderly, dorms, educational buildings, court houses, transportation buildings or any other mix-use housing or commercial buildings. The lab searches to solve syntactic based design problems emerged in wayfinding and evacuation problems in all aspects of the building design either in the post-occupancy evaluation case or the project case as an investment issue.

Spatial Systems Lab Director: Prof.Alper Ünlü (PhD) (alper.unlu@ozyegin.edu.tr),   URL: http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/spatialsystems/  



The DRUM (Dynamic Research on Urban Morphology) research group focuses on the diachronic aspect or urban and territorial transformations; it welcomes the expertise of Architects, Urban Planners, and Urban Morphologists including broad interdisciplinary cooperation with other disciplines such as Geography, History and Archaeology.

The research group aims to describe the dynamics of urban growth in different morphological and geographical settings by comparing a number of relevant case studies in capital cities. The research group applies the comparative method and other analytic tools, such as GIS, Space Syntax, Typological plans, Conzenian analysis at different scales and within different chronological phases to understand the past and above all, to design the future of large cities.

Director of DRUM Lab Assoc. Prof. Alessandro Camiz (alessandro.camiz@ozyegin.edu.tr) , URL: http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/drum/  



The Building Materials and Physics Laboratory of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Özyeğin University is aimed to carry out the research studies in the field of “Building Science”. It is also intended to constitute a platform which is either giving related lectures at the undergraduate and graduate levels or providing consultancy to the private and public sector. The research area of the laboratory can be summarized as:

  • Building Energy Systems
    • Energy Efficient Building Design and Renovation
    • Nearly Zero/Zero Energy Building Design and Renovation
    • Energy-Cost Analyses
    • Renewable Energy Systems
    • Climate Change Adaptation
    • Cost Optimum Energy Efficient Building Design and Renovation
    • Building energy performance modelling and detailed dynamic simulations
    • Consultancy and Energy Modelling Servicing for Various Building Certificate Systems (LEED, BREEAM, ÇEDBİK etc.) 
  • Sustainable Architectural Design 
    • Green Building Design
    • Building Materials
    • Ecological Architecture
    • Lifecycle Analyses
    • Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)
    • Occupancy Comfort
  •  Lighting in Buildings
    • Natural and Artificial Lighting Systems
    • Lighting Energy Efficiency 
    • Visual Comfort
  • Building Acoustics
  •  Energy Efficiency at Urban Scale
    • Energy efficiency at Smart Cities
    • Heat Islands
    • Energy-efficient Site Design


Building Physics and Materials Lab Coordinators are Assistant Prof. Dr. Touraj Ashrafian [Turaj Arda Aşrafi] ( touraj.ashrafian@ozyegin.edu.tr ); Assistant Prof. Dr. Neşe Ganiç Sağlam ( nese.saglam@ozyegin.edu.tr ): Assistant Prof. Dr. Ece Özdemir ( ece.kalaycioglu@ozyegin.edu.tr ). URL: http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/bmplab/ 


The Landscape Research Lab (LRL) at ÖzÜ produces theoretical and applied research platform that facilitates the design for all manner of sustainable landscape at the urban and rural environment. LRL handles the determination of landscape characteristics, landscape components and elements in a holistic way. Natural, semi natural or totally manmade characteristics of landscape are the subjects of the research for future developments to promote healthy communities and challenge epistemological capacities of the subject area. Thus, LRL aims to work collaboratively to search the contemporary strategies on the relationships between natural environment and the specificities of built infrastructure via education, interdisciplinary research, and innovation for the following areas and their sub themes: Resilient CitiesGreen&Blue InfrastructureDisaster Risk ReductionLandscape EcologyLandscape Heritage.


LRL Lab  researchers: Assitant Prof.(PhD) Beyza Şat Güngör, (beyza.gungor@ozyegin.edu.tr);Assistant Prof. (PhD) Doğa Dinemis Aman (dinemis.aman@ozyegin.edu.tr): LRL Director: Assistant Prof. (PhD) Beyza Şat Güngör (beyza.gungor@ozyegin.edu.tr); URL: http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/lrl/




Architectural Design Research Laboratory is a platform that produces theoretical and practical knowledge through design and contributes to the design of qualified living environments. The main objectives of the laboratory are to create sharing and production environments such as seminars, workshops that bring together different actors of the architectural design environment and to develop research projects focused on architectural design. The laboratory also aims to allow students to experience the different stages and roles of the research and design process and, in this direction, cooperates with the architectural design office simulator (MITOS). Architectural Design Research Laboratory

Director: İlker Özorhon (PhD) (İlker.ozorhon@ozyegin.edu.tr ) Lab e-mail: adrlab@ozyegin.edu.tr   URL:  http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/adr/