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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

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Additional Graduation Requirements for Double Majors in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program

Students who have begun pursuing double majors in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program starting from the 2015-2016 Fall semester must fulfill the following additional requirements in order to be eligible for graduation from the program:

  • In addition to all courses and graduation requirements of their primary majors, double majors must complete all required and elective program courses of their secondary majors.
  • Double majors must complete a minimum of 240+66 (306 ECTS) credits in total in order to be eligible for graduation.
  • Students who fail to reach a total of 306 (ECTS) credits despite the fact that they have completed all of the graduation requirements of their primary majors as well as all of the required and program electives of their secondary majors must take faculty electives to complete the missing credits.
  • Faculty of Business students who pursue double major in another program offered by the Faculty of Business must take the Internship/Certificate and SEC-401 Sectoral Practicum courses from their primary programs.  Students whose primary major is International Finance must complete the SEC-401 Sectoral Practicum course in their secondary majors.